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Cœur Battant by Louis Vuitton

Cœur Battant by Louis Vuitton
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019

Key Notes of Cœur Battant

What Does Cœur Battant Smell Like

Cœur Battant by Louis Vuitton opens with a definitive fruity aroma, primarily driven by a sweet and juicy pear scent. This bright pear note is complemented subtly with the gentle earthiness of ambrette seed. Cascalone® adds a hint of fresh aquatic undertone, reminiscent of a crisp morning by the seashore. The perfume then transitions into its heart, where the sensual aroma of Egyptian jasmine takes the lead. It's a lush and intoxicating floral note, complemented by the exotic warmth of ylang-ylang. Narcissus, although not as prominent, adds a subtly green, almost hay-like nuance to the bouquet. As the perfume settles on the skin, the dry down reveals a base rooted in earthy, somewhat damp moss, evoking the sensation of walking through a forest after the rain. Patchouli, lighter and less pungent, adds a woody, slightly sweet background touch, grounding the fruity and floral components and rounding out the overall scent profile of Cœur Battant beautifully.

Review of Cœur Battant

Venturing into the world of Louis Vuitton fragrances, Cœur Battant is a testament to the brand's commitment to evocative and high-quality scents. Released in 2019, this perfume is a well-thought-out fusion of fruity and floral notes, appealing primarily to women who appreciate a scent that can mirror their vitality and passion.

Cœur Battant is a perfume that seems to dance to the rhythm of the seasons. It truly blossoms during the warmth of summer and the freshness of spring, embodying the liveliness and rejuvenation that these seasons bring. However, do not be quick to dismiss its potential for the cooler months. Its subtle woody undertones offer a hint of warmth, making it a versatile companion for the transitioning seasons.

This perfume shines in situations that call for a relaxed, yet refined aura. It's your perfect partner for a leisurely weekend brunch, a casual day at the office, or a laid-back night out. With the dominant scent of pear and a grounding note of moss, Cœur Battant exudes a fresh and natural vibe, making it a delightful everyday choice.

However, it's not all sunshine with Cœur Battant. Despite its charming scent profile, its longevity and sillage might not live up to expectations of a long-lasting perfumed aura. Furthermore, the value proposition of this Louis Vuitton creation may not resonate with everyone, given its premium pricing.

Still, for those who value the interplay of fruity and floral notes, and are seeking a scent that is as dynamic as they are, Cœur Battant by Louis Vuitton might just be the perfume to beat.

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