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Black Jade by Lubin

lubin black jade
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011
Brand: Lubin

Key Notes of Black Jade

What Does Black Jade Smell Like

Black Jade by Lubin is a women's perfume that presents a blend of floral, spicy, woody, oriental, and sweet accords. The opening of the fragrance is characterized by a prominent cardamom note, accompanied by the slightly less noticeable galbanum and a subtle hint of bergamot. As the perfume progresses, a rich bouquet of Damask rose takes center stage, with additional nuances from cinnamon and frankincense adding depth and complexity. The presence of jasmine in the middle notes is very subtle, allowing the other components to shine through.

The base of Black Jade is anchored by the balanced combination of patchouli and tonka bean, both contributing a moderately strong presence. This is further enriched by the warm, woody note of sandalwood and a delicate touch of vanilla. Overall, Black Jade by Lubin offers a well-rounded olfactory experience that showcases the interplay between its floral, spicy, and woody elements, while maintaining a sophisticated oriental and sweet undertone.

Review of Black Jade

Black Jade by Lubin, released in 2011, is a versatile women's fragrance with a well-balanced mix of floral, spicy, woody, and oriental notes. The scent is predominantly favored by women, but a small percentage of men also find it appealing. Its composition lends itself to various age groups, with mature women expressing the strongest preference.

The fragrance is most suitable for fall and winter seasons, although it can also be worn during spring. Its moderate longevity ensures that the scent remains noticeable throughout the day, while its subtle sillage prevents it from being overpowering. The bottle design is thoughtfully crafted, adding an elegant touch to any perfume collection.

Black Jade is an ideal choice for evening events and nights out, making it a go-to option for those who seek a memorable yet not overwhelming fragrance. It can also be worn during leisure activities, daily routines, and even in professional settings, thanks to its well-rounded scent profile.

In terms of value, Black Jade by Lubin offers a reasonable balance between quality and price, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers. Overall, this perfume is a great option for women who appreciate a diverse and adaptable fragrance that can complement various occasions and seasons. However, it might not be the best choice for those who prefer stronger sillage or extremely long-lasting scents.

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