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Gin Fizz by Lubin

Gin Fizz by Lubin
Gender: Women
Release date: 1955
Perfumer: Henri Giboulet
Brand: Lubin

What Does Gin Fizz Smell Like

Gin Fizz by Lubin opens with a crisp and zesty burst of Sicilian lemon and bergamot, lending it a bright, fresh citrus edge. This initial freshness is gently spiced with juniper, adding a slightly tangy, aromatic twist. A more subtle wave of mandarin orange lends a softer, slightly sweet aspect to the mix.

As the perfume evolves, it reveals a heart of floral notes with prominence of rose absolute and Turkish jasmine. The rose lends a rich, full-bodied floral depth, while the jasmine adds a touch of exotic sweetness. They mingle with the green, resinous scent of galbanum and the powdery, violet-like aroma of iris, creating an interesting contrast. The slightly zesty tone of orange blossom provides a hint of freshness in the midst of these floral depths.

In the dry down, the scent is grounded by a base of white musk, providing a clean, slightly animalic undertone. This is combined with the warm, slightly spicy scent of benzoin, the earthy, rooty scent of vetiver, and the deeply green and slightly woody aroma of oakmoss. The duo of yellow iris and Florentine iris lend a final powdery, slightly sweet and woody touch to the perfume's finish.

Review of Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz by Lubin, first introduced in 1955, is an aromatic brew that seems to exude a certain zest for life. Primarily targeted at women, this perfume echoes the spirit of summer with an invigorating blend of fresh and citrus notes. Green and floral undertones add an unexpected touch of sophistication and balance to the overall composition. The perfume is perfect for daily use, whether you're off to work or spending a leisurely day out. While it holds its own in a business setting, the scent is light enough for casual outings and sport activities. However, its longevity could be a tad bit disappointing for night outs or evening events - the scent may not linger as long as you'd prefer. In terms of value, Gin Fizz offers a fair deal for its price point. If you're seeking a vibrant, uplifting scent that embodies the joy of summertime, Gin Fizz by Lubin could be a worthy choice.

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