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Korrigan by Lubin

Korrigan by Lubin
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2012
Perfumer: Thomas Fontaine
Brand: Lubin

Key Notes of Korrigan

What Does Korrigan Smell Like

Korrigan by Lubin opens with a rich and bold aroma, reminiscent of a fine cognac with a subtle hint of sharp, crisp juniper berries. A slight tinge of saffron adds an exotic spiciness that's intriguing, without overpowering the initial boozy scent. This fragrance transitions smoothly into the middle notes, where the unique fragrance of ambrette and whisky mingle to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. A faint touch of lavender lends a soft floral undertone, subtly balancing the otherwise dominant earthy notes.

As the fragrance settles, the base notes come to the forefront. The scent of supple leather is the star here, giving Korrigan a deep and robust character. The woody hint of cedar offers a sense of rugged charm, while musk and vetiver add a layer of complexity and depth, enhancing the overall warmth of the perfume. A hint of oud in the backdrop gives a slightly enigmatic and luxurious finish to this scent.

Korrigan by Lubin is a robust and inviting perfume that captures the senses with its blend of gourmand, spicy, sweet, leathery, and woody notes. It's a scent that's rich, complex, and effortlessly elegant, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a fragrance that's far from ordinary.

Review of Korrigan

Korrigan by Lubin, released in 2012, is a fascinating unisex scent with a slight leaning towards the male demographic. Its blend offers an interesting gourmand note, complemented beautifully by spicy, sweet, leathery, and woody undertones that create a warm and inviting aroma. A hint of smokiness adds depth, while oriental and resinous touches lend an exotic flair. The perfume's longevity is quite commendable, hanging around for a noticeable amount of time. Its sillage, while not overpowering, leaves a subtle trail that is sure to pique interest. The fragrance lends itself best to the cooler months of fall and winter, providing a comforting warmth during those seasons. Suited for evening events and night outs, Korrigan can also be worn for leisure activities or even in a day-to-day setting. However, its relatively high price-point suggests it may be best saved for special occasions. Overall, Korrigan is an excellent choice for those after a well-rounded, slightly masculine scent with a unique blend of notes.

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