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Karma by Lush

Karma by Lush
Concentration: Perfume
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 1995
Brand: Lush

What Does Karma Smell Like

Karma by Lush offers a spirited olfactory journey that commences with an energetic pop of orange. This zesty introduction is artfully mellowed by the subtly aromatic tones of lemongrass and lavender, wrapping the initial citrusy burst in a soothingly herbaceous nuance. As the scent unravels, the heart emits the earthy breath of pine, touched by a hint of lemon's tanginess, while sweet acacia remains hidden, rather elusive, to the nose.

The finale of this fragrant symphony is decidedly exotic, led by the bold, aromatic character of patchouli. Smoky and dark, the patchouli is agreeably tempered by the balsamic scent of fir resin. The mild warmth of cinnamon, nearly a whisper amidst the stronger notes, adds a comforting backdrop, effectively mellowing the stronger components. The scent rounds off on a highly intriguing note, thanks to the resinous, spicy, and slightly peppery hints of elemi resin.

The overall scent is an evocative blend: an intriguing dance of spicy, earthy, fruity, and woody dimensions that radiates an oriental charm. Karma by Lush is like an aromatic poem, each stanza or note distinct yet contributing to a compelling narrative that appeals to both men and women.

Review of Karma

Drawing from the eclectic charisma of Lush's Karma, this unisex perfume presents an evocative sensory experience. The scent opens with a bold, spicy kick that immediately grabs your attention, before mellowing into an earthy, grounding aroma. As the day progresses, it slowly reveals undercurrents of exotic fruits and woods, and a touch of oriental allure that's hard to resist.

This perfume is not your typical fresh, green scent. It's more like a walk through a mysterious forest during fall or winter, where unexpected fragrances await you at every turn. Its substantial scent, however, does not overpower, making it suitable for casual outings or relaxed evening events. It also has an impressive staying power, which is ideal for those long nights out or busy daily routines.

Karma by Lush offers great value for what it delivers. Its complex blend of scent profiles caters to a confident, adventurous crowd, and particularly resonates with women. It's a bold statement in a bottle, not for the faint-hearted but for those who dare to be different.

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