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Mon Parfum Cristal by M. Micallef

Mon Parfum Cristal by M. Micallef
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013

Key Notes of Mon Parfum Cristal

What Does Mon Parfum Cristal Smell Like

Mon Parfum Cristal by M. Micallef is a charming blend of sweet and floral notes that intrigues the nose from the first whiff. The opening note strikes with a rich, hearty aroma of red berries, offering a fruity sweetness that is gently underscored by a hint of warm, spicy cinnamon. As the perfume evolves, the heart reveals a lush, velvety scent of roses, their floral allure softened by the creamy tones of bourbon vanilla. As the perfume settles, it unveils its base notes, introducing a warm, resinous amber note that seamlessly blends with the subtle hints of musk, creating a sensual background. The character of the perfume is further enriched by the presence of toffee, imparting a gourmand nuance that enhances the overall sweetness. It's a pleasantly powdery fragrance, combining the fragrances of fruits, flowers, spices, and sweets that are sure to engage your senses. Mon Parfum Cristal paints a vivid olfactory picture that oscillates between sweet and floral, offering a complex yet tastefully composed scent experience.

Review of Mon Parfum Cristal

Mon Parfum Cristal by M. Micallef is an alluring scent for women, released in 2013. This fragrance leans most heavily on its sweet and floral notes, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a feminine, sugary aroma. It also introduces a layer of complexity with its fruity, gourmand, and powdery tones, and subtle hints of spice, cream, and oriental elements.

This fragrance truly shines in the colder fall and winter months, where its warmth lights a comforting beacon in the chill. Despite this, it can still hold its own in the spring and even on cooler summer days. The perfume is versatile in its use, with its sweet richness making it perfect for an evening event or night out, while its subtler tones render it suitable for leisure or daily use.

Mon Parfum Cristal is a lasting perfume, ensuring that your scent will remain noticeable as the day or evening unfolds. With a fair price point, this perfume offers great value for those seeking a long-lasting, comforting, and feminine scent.

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