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Watch by M. Micallef

Watch by M. Micallef
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010

Key Notes of Watch

What Does Watch Smell Like

Watch by M. Micallef opens with a luscious, yet subtle burst of fruity sweetness. The initial scent is a wonderful blend of ripe, juicy peach and a hint of tart plum. As these top notes gradually fade, the heart of the perfume comes into play. The dominant scent of tuberose adds a rich, velvety, and slightly intoxicating floral ambiance. This is perfectly balanced by the sweet, exotic undertones of jasmine and the creamy warmth of bourbon vanilla. These middle notes beautifully blend to create an overall scent that is both sweet and floral, with a slight hint of decadence. As the perfume settles, the base notes of vanilla, amber, and white musk take over. The vanilla is more pronounced in this phase, adding a comforting layer of creamy sweetness. The amber brings a hint of earthy warmth, while the white musk adds a clean, slightly powdery finish. The end result is a well-balanced, feminine perfume that is sweet, floral, slightly fruity, and subtly powdery, with a hint of gourmand vanilla. It's a complex, yet approachable fragrance that truly makes a statement.

Review of Watch

The Watch by M. Micallef, released in 2010, is an exquisite perfume that speaks volumes of its beautiful blend and composition. It is primarily a sweet and floral scent, with a generous touch of fruity and gourmand notes, which makes it stand out. It also contains a slight hint of powdery, oriental, and spicy tones, contributing to its well-rounded and balanced aroma.

This perfume is perfect for women who appreciate a long-lasting scent, as it holds its aroma well throughout the day. The Watch is ideal for the cooler seasons of fall and winter, but it doesn’t shy away from the spring either. It is more suited for evening or night out occasions, but also works well for leisurely activities and everyday wear.

It holds a good value for its price, making it a fairly priced selection for those who value quality. In essence, Watch by M. Micallef is a sound choice for women who appreciate a sweet, floral, and slightly exotic scent that lasts.

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