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Aoud Vanille by Mancera

Aoud Vanille by Mancera
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Brand: Mancera

What Does Aoud Vanille Smell Like

Aoud Vanille by Mancera opens with an intriguing blend of exotic spices. The earthy, woody aroma of Nepalese oud is at the forefront, married beautifully with the warming spice of cardamom and the subtle heat of black pepper. The spicy top notes are subtly enhanced by the luxurious and rich undertone of saffron, adding depth and richness to the initial scent.

As the perfume progresses, hints of floral notes appear, bringing a slight freshness and adding a delicate layer to the overall fragrance. This floral touch, however, is not overwhelming and doesn't shift the perfume's character from its oriental and woody roots.

The base of Aoud Vanille is dominated by the creamy and sweet aroma of bourbon vanilla. This luscious, rich scent provides a sweet and comforting finish that wraps around the woody notes like a warm blanket. The final touch is provided by the subtle hints of Mysore sandalwood and gaiac wood, both contributing to the overall woody profile of the perfume.

In summary, Aoud Vanille by Mancera is a sweet, woody and oriental perfume with spicy undertones. It's a rich, warm blend of exotic spices, delicate florals, and creamy vanilla, wrapped in comforting woods.

Review of Aoud Vanille

Aoud Vanille by Mancera is a rich and robust fragrance, released in 2015. The scent profile is predominantly sweet and woody, with a noticeable undercurrent of spice and an oriental nuance that rounds it out beautifully. This, paired with a hint of smoky creaminess, adds depth to the perfume and offers a gourmand touch. It's the kind of fragrance that thrives in the colder seasons, with winter and fall being its prime time. It's perfect for evening wear, whether you're heading out for a night on the town or simply enjoying some leisure time. While it is a unisex perfume, it leans slightly more towards the masculine side, and it's a scent that tends to be preferred by those of a more mature disposition. Its longevity is impressive, allowing it to linger for hours without overpowering. Its value is noteworthy as it offers a high-quality scenting experience at a fair price point.

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