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Black Gold by Mancera

Black Gold by Mancera
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Brand: Mancera

Key Notes of Black Gold

What Does Black Gold Smell Like

Black Gold by Mancera opens with a robust cinnamon aroma, underscored by a lively blend of various citrus fruits. There's an underlying hint of Nepalese oud, adding a touch of exotic intrigue, complemented by whispers of lavender and nutmeg. This initial scent profile is a complex blend of spicy, floral, and slightly sweet notes. As the perfume evolves, the heart notes of violet and Egyptian jasmine emerge, adding a floral sweetness that contrasts with the initial spicy burst. The depth of patchouli and the familiar aroma of rose subtly intermingle in the background, while faint marine notes add a hint of freshness to the overall scent. The base of the fragrance is grounded in the warm, succulent scent of amber, paired with the clean, slightly powdery smell of white musk. These two scents are the predominant elements during the dry down, but there are soft undertones of various woody notes, a hint of leather, and a tinge of vetiver. The result is a final blend that is dominantly sweet and floral, yet spicy and woody, with an added freshness throughout.

Review of Black Gold

Black Gold by Mancera is a perfume that presents itself as a bit of a chameleon - it's warm and spicy yet floral, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a scent less predictable. There's a definite edge to it, making it more suited to a mature audience; it seems to resonate better with men than with women. This is not a scent for the faint-hearted or those seeking a subtle, 'background' fragrance.

The opening of the scent is a warm embrace of spice - the cinnamon is prominent and paired with an undercurrent of citrus. As it develops, the floral heart doesn't play second fiddle; instead, it boldly steps forward with a distinctive violet and jasmine blend. The final act of this olfactory story is a comfortable landing on a bed of amber and musk, with a hint of leather, adding a certain toughness to the otherwise floral and spicy combination.

Despite its complexity, Black Gold fits better in the colder months, where its warm, spicy notes can truly thrive without becoming overwhelming. It's versatile enough for a casual day out, an evening rendezvous, or a night on the town - but it might be a bit too bold for a business setting or a hot summer's day.

While it has a reasonable longevity, one downside is that it may not last all day for some, requiring a top-up for the evening. Additionally, its bold personality might not suit everyone's taste. However, if you're a mature man seeking a scent that's a bit off the beaten path, Black Gold by Mancera could be just the ticket.

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