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Gold Intensitive Aoud by Mancera

Gold Intensitive Aoud by Mancera
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2008
Brand: Mancera

Key Notes of Gold Intensitive Aoud

What Does Gold Intensitive Aoud Smell Like

Gold Intensitive Aoud by Mancera greets the nose with a vivid punch of Calabrian lemon, which imparts a tangy and zestful aroma. This initial citrus touch is not domineering, instead, it smoothly makes way for the perfume's heart - a careful blend of rose and geranium. The floral bouquet is predominately rosy, but not intensely sweet or heady, with geranium adding an undercurrent of sharp green aroma. Intertwined with this floral heart, there are distinct underpinnings of Oud and saffron. It produces an intricate, slightly smoky and exotic scent, with woody notes subtly hovering in the background, adding a mild earthiness.

As the perfume evolves, the base notes emerge. Ambergris lends a marine, almost salty feel which works wonderfully to enhance the white musk's clean and somewhat powdery finish. An element of sweetness persists, but it's kept in check, never becoming cloying or overly sugary. The end result is a scent that is spicy and floral, with an oriental and woody character that's touched with a hint of sweetness. It's a complex yet beautifully orchestrated fragrance that stands out in its own right.

Review of Gold Intensitive Aoud

Gold Intensitive Aoud by Mancera is a perfume that confidently straddles the line between masculine and feminine. The scent, a pleasing blend of spicy, floral, and oriental elements, is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but those who dare to try it will likely find themselves enamored by its striking yet versatile nature.

A lively dance of Calabrian lemon, rose, and geranium greets you upon the first spritz, suggesting a certain freshness that belies its overall oriental and woody character. The rose, in particular, lends a softness that helps temper the bold oud and saffron in the heart. Perhaps it's this infectious blend that appeals the most to women, who are the largest audience for this fragrance.

The perfume, however, is not exclusively feminine. Its deep, resinous base of ambergris and white musk appeals to a significant number of men as well. The ambergris, especially, delivers a raw, animalic edge that is traditionally associated with masculine scents.

Mancera's Gold Intensitive Aoud is best worn during the fall season, where its warm, spicy notes can truly shine. It's a great choice for night-outs and evening occasions, but its potent sillage might feel a bit overwhelming for daytime wear. The scent's longevity is commendable, lasting well through the evening.

However, its robust character might not be to everyone's taste. Some might find it too bold or polarizing, especially for casual or office wear. But, for those who appreciate a scent that makes a statement, Gold Intensitive Aoud may just be a worthy addition to their collection. The value for the price point is respectable, making it a sensible choice for perfume enthusiasts who value quality and uniqueness.

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