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Roses & Chocolate by Mancera

Roses & Chocolate by Mancera
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Brand: Mancera

Key Notes of Roses & Chocolate

What Does Roses & Chocolate Smell Like

Roses & Chocolate by Mancera opens with a sparkling blend of blackcurrant and peach, both subtly accompanied by a whisper of bergamot and mandarin orange, creating a fruity kickoff. As the scent evolves, the heart revels in a generous serving of warm, indulgent chocolate, intertwined with the distinct, romantic aroma of rose. An undercurrent of violet adds an extra layer of floral elegance.

As the perfume settles, the base notes emerge to round off the fragrance journey. A solar note surfaces, bathing the composition in an almost sunny, bright warmth. The sweetness of vanilla is present but not overpowering—just enough to give a soft, comforting finish. A mild hint of cedarwood brings a touch of earthiness, and white musk provides a clean, airy backdrop. This unisex perfume is essentially a delightful blend of sweetness and floral notes with a powdery touch. The prominent elements are chocolate and rose, evoking images of indulgent treats and fresh blooms. The overall scent exudes a gourmand, sweet, floral, powdery, and fruity fragrance profile.

Review of Roses & Chocolate

Roses & Chocolate by Mancera is an interesting blend that draws a majority of its appeal from women. This unisex perfume leans towards the gourmand side, with a deliciously warm and sweet undertone that evokes the image of a cozy autumn evening.

The scent has a reasonable staying power, making it perfect for prolonged wear. You can expect to catch whiffs of it throughout your day without it being overpowering. This makes it ideal for casual, everyday use, but it also carries a certain elegance that fits well for an evening out. It's not the best choice for a hot summer day, though, as the sweetness can become slightly overwhelming in heat, but as temperatures drop, it becomes a comforting companion.

Its value might be considered moderate. You're not getting an absolute steal, but the quality matches the price. The scent features a delectable blend of roses and chocolate as its prominent notes. However, don't expect the rose to be overly dominant. It's there, but it's more of a supporting character to the chocolate, which takes center stage.

The perfume's floral, sweet, and fruity tones are balanced nicely, providing a pleasant olfactory experience. That being said, the synthetic undertone and a hint of spiciness might not sit well with everyone. It's a bit of a wild card in this regard.

Overall, Roses & Chocolate by Mancera is a decent fragrance that would appeal more to those who prefer sweet gourmand perfumes with a hint of floral sophistication. It's worth considering if you're looking for a warm, inviting scent for colder seasons and don't mind a touch of synthetic spice.

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