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B683 by Marc-Antoine Barrois

B683 by Marc-Antoine Barrois
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Men
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Quentin Bisch

What Does B683 Smell Like

B683 by Marc-Antoine Barrois opens with a distinct spiciness, brought to life by a robust combination of saffron, black pepper, and nutmeg. There's a hint of chili that subtly underpins the initial spicy burst, adding an unexpected twist. As the perfume evolves, the initial warmth gives way to a more floral and earthy heart. At the center of this scent, violet leaf takes prominence, supported by a touch of amber that lends a gentle sweetness. Suggestions of cistus absolute and musk add depth and complexity to the fragrance's mid-notes. Finally, the perfume settles into its base, which is characterized by the synthetic scent of ambroxan. This is complemented by the natural woody aroma of oakmoss and patchouli, imbuing the perfume with a firm, masculine grounding. A faint trace of sandalwood rounds off the fragrance, providing a soft and creamy finish to the overall composition. The resulting aroma projects a spicy, leathery, woody, and resinous profile, with a slight synthetic touch. Overall, B683 exhibits a skillful blending of diverse elements into a cohesive and appealing masculine fragrance.

Review of B683

B683 by Marc-Antoine Barrois is a well-articulated scent, predominantly aimed at mature men. Released in 2016, this Eau de Parfum offers a spicy and leathery profile, with a distinct woody undertone. The perfume doesn't shy away from synthetic notes, adding an interesting twist to the scent. You'll encounter a subtle resinous and earthy feel, topped off with a slight hint of freshness.

Adept for the colder months, B683 is perfect for those crisp fall evenings and chilly winter nights. It's truly a scent that can adapt, fitting comfortably into a relaxed leisure time or adding a touch of class to an evening event. While it can handle the rigors of daily wear, the scent is most at home during an evening out or a night on the town.

B683 offers decent longevity, ensuring the scent will carry you through your activities. Its sillage is not overpowering, but just enough to make a statement. It's a scent that gives value for its cost, making a solid choice for those in search of a masculine, spicy and leathery perfume.

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