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Arabian King by Marc Gebauer

Arabian King by Marc Gebauer
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021

Key Notes of Arabian King

What Does Arabian King Smell Like

Arabian King by Marc Gebauer begins with a bright burst of grapefruit that mingles with a unique twist of the exotic saffron. The citrusy tang of bergamot plays a background role, while the distinct richness of oud lurks subtly, playing a minor role at the start but gaining ground as the fragrance evolves.

As the perfume settles, the floral heart reveals itself. The rose is undeniably the star of the show, its classic romance paired beautifully with the lively geranium. The pairing flows seamlessly into the woody undertones of cedarwood. Iris brings a gentle powdery touch, not overwhelming but adding a touch of softness to the overall composition.

As the perfume settles into its final act, the base notes come into play. The warmth of amber and musk create a comforting foundation, accompanied by the raw, earthy scent of vetiver. Woods add a gentle crispness that rounds out the fragrance. Cypriol adds a final touch of spice, lending an intriguing complexity to the perfume's finale.

Overall, Arabian King by Marc Gebauer is an exotic and intriguing fragrance – a dance between bright citrus, romantic florals, rich woods, and warm earthy notes.

Review of Arabian King

Arabian King by Marc Gebauer is a well-crafted perfume that breaks the usual gender mold, making it a fit for both men and women, but leaning slightly more towards the masculine side. It's not a fragrance for the faint of heart, boasting an impressive staying power and a noticeable trail that leaves a memorable impression. The scent profile is largely oriental with noticeable floral and spicy nuances. Woody undertones then serve as the backbone, giving it a robust and grounded feel. A touch of sweetness, fruitiness, and a hint of citrus are discernible, adding an interesting twist to the overall composition. There's also a touch of animalistic and resinous notes, adding a touch of mystery to the blend. This perfume is best suited for cooler months, making it an ideal companion for the winter and fall seasons. This fragrance performs best in the evening, whether it's for a night out or just a relaxed leisure time.

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