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Lola by Marc Jacobs

Lola by Marc Jacobs
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2009

Key Notes of Lola

What Does Lola Smell Like

Lola by Marc Jacobs opens with a vibrant, zesty scent. The dominant note of ripe pear is there, distinct and juicy, lending a fruity sweetness. It's tinged with a mild, spicy kick of pink pepper and the tartness of red grapefruit, which adds a fresh, slightly acidic edge. As the initial brightness settles, the fragrance evolves, paving the way for a floral heart. The scent of geranium comes forward, green and slightly rosy, complemented by the delicate scent of peony and the classic aroma of rose. This combination creates a soft, floral bouquet that's not too overwhelming, just gently present.

As Lola settles on the skin, the underlying base notes emerge. The soft, animalistic scent of musk is there, providing a smooth, sensual feel. It's enhanced by the subtle, slightly sweet aroma of tonka bean and a hint of vanilla. Together, these base notes create a warm, powdery finish that's cozily inviting. This perfume's scent story evolves from a lively, fruity opening to a floral heart and finally settles into a comforting, creamy base. It's a journey that encapsulates an array of olfactory experiences, both bright and delicate, bold and soothing.

Review of Lola

Lola by Marc Jacobs is an inviting choice for women who appreciate floral and fruity scents with a hint of sweetness. Its primary appeal seems to be towards a mature audience, while also attracting a younger demographic. With a noticeable powdery undertone, this fragrance introduces an element of classic allure. The subtle layer of synthetic and fresh notes with a touch of spice adds an unexpected twist to this perfume, making it interesting yet not overpowering.

Ideal for spring and summer days, Lola can also transition nicely into fall, offering a scent journey that keeps up with the changing seasons. It's a versatile choice for a variety of occasions, whether you're heading to work, out for a casual day, or attending an evening event. The scent doesn't linger all day, so you might need to reapply if you want to keep the aroma around. In terms of value, Lola offers a decent bang for your buck, making it a worthy addition to your perfume collection.

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