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III-I L'Attesa by Masque

III-I L'Attesa by Masque
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Luca Maffei
Brand: Masque

What Does III-I L'Attesa Smell Like

III-I L'Attesa by Masque opens with a crisp, citrusy spark from the Italian bergamot, which mingles with the sweet, subtly floral tones of Moroccan neroli. The initial hint of champagne lends a fizzy freshness to this opening act. As the fragrance unfolds, the heart reveals a rich and creamy bouquet of Italian iris absolute, with its powdery, slightly earthy scent. This is entwined with the exotic sweetness of Madagascan ylang-ylang and the deeply aromatic French orris root. A whisper of tuberose absolute adds a touch of intoxicating opulence to the heart. The base is woody and warm, with the smooth, creamy scent of Mysore sandalwood at its core. A hint of leather gives it a slightly raw, animalistic edge, while the earthy, slightly green scent of oakmoss rounds off the perfume with a touch of classic chypre charm. III-I L'Attesa is a symphony of carefully chosen scents, blended together to offer a nuanced olfactory experience.

Review of III-I L'Attesa

Masque's III-I L'Attesa, released in 2016, is a scent that appeals largely to a mature, feminine demographic. Its aromatic profile primarily lays on the floral and powdery spectrum, offering a comforting, creamy underlay that adds a touch of elegance. This is complemented by subtle woody notes, lightly accented by a leathery character for a robust balance.

The perfume's freshness peeks through, layered with a hint of green, making it suitable for both the invigorating bloom of spring and the crisp, cozy embrace of fall. The scent's strength is noticeable yet not overwhelming, allowing for versatility in various settings. From leisurely afternoons and daily errands to evening socials and professional environments, L'Attesa serves as a reliable olfactory companion.

However, its performance slightly falters in terms of longevity, so occasional reapplication might be necessary for those looking for an all-day scent. Despite this, it offers decent value for its cost, considering its complexity and range of uses.

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