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III-IV Tango by Masque

III-IV Tango by Masque
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014
Brand: Masque

Key Notes of III-IV Tango

What Does III-IV Tango Smell Like

III-IV Tango by Masque is an intriguing blend of scents that unites the richness of the East with the boldness of the West. On first whiff, you're greeted by a zesty blend of black pepper, subtly intertwined with the warm, slightly minty fragrance of cardamom, and the citrusy resonance of bergamot. This gustatory beginning soon gives way to the softer middle notes, where the lush, velvety Damask rose and the exotic, sweet scent of jasmine sambac hold court. The unexpected addition of cumin adds a sharp, earthy contrast, while patchouli brings in a touch of the oriental, with its rich, musky scent.

The perfume finishes with a deeply resonant base. Benzoin gives off a sweet, vanilla-like fragrance, melding beautifully with the warm, honey-like scent of amber. The perfume brings in a hint of the masculine with the deep, sensual note of leather. Tonka bean adds a slight sweetness, balanced by the powdery, subtly animalistic scent of musk. Vanilla softens the overall blend with its sweet, comforting aroma, while sweet clover absolute adds a final touch of herbal freshness. It's a dance of scents, a tango that perfectly balances the sweet with the spicy, the floral with the woody.

Review of III-IV Tango

Masque's III-IV Tango, released in 2014, is a unisex perfume that treads a fiery dance between spicy and resinous notes, leading you into an intoxicating oriental journey. Its scent carries a wisp of sweetness and a hint of woody essence, which makes it perfect for those cool fall and winter months. You can almost envision yourself amidst a trove of exotic spices in an old-world bazaar. More than just a fragrance, it tells a story: mysterious yet comforting, like the warmth of a well-worn leather jacket against the chill of a smoky evening. This is not your typical floral or animalistic perfume. It's earthy, a bit rugged yet undeniably alluring. Ideal for evening outings and nighttime escapades, it's a scent that brings out an adventurous spirit, making it just as fitting for a casual occasion as it is for a business meeting. Just a few spritzes and you're wrapped in a scent that lingers, a constant reminder of a scent journey well-traveled.

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