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Tabac Man by Mäurer & Wirtz

Tabac Man by Mäurer & Wirtz
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2000

What Does Tabac Man Smell Like

Tabac Man by Mäurer & Wirtz starts with a compelling aromatic mix of lavender and bergamot, which is tempered by the freshness of green leaves, orange, and peppermint. A hint of lemon zest and mandarin orange adds a tangy touch, while the subtle hints of violet leaf lends a sense of earthiness. This initial burst of freshness makes way for a spicy and woody core. The heart of the fragrance is dominated by the slightly spicy character of cardamom and coriander, intertwined with the floral essence of geranium. The addition of oakmoss, patchouli, and sandalwood create a woody depth, enhanced by the unique scent of Sequoia wood. A whisper of vetiver adds a sense of mystery to the composition. The fragrance settles down into a warm and comforting base of balsam fir, clary sage, and tonka bean, which is sweetened by a touch of vanilla. Overall, Tabac Man is a spicy, woody fragrance with a fresh and synthetic touch, underpinned by a sweet base, offering a scent that's decidedly masculine.

Review of Tabac Man

Tabac Man by Mäurer & Wirtz is a perfume that, despite being launched in 2000, keeps up with modern trends and doesn't lose its relevance. It's an excellent choice for men, particularly those of an older demographic who appreciate a classic scent with a modern twist. The perfume is dominated by spicy notes, making it a bold choice, but the underlying woody and fresh tones soften it slightly, preventing it from being too overpowering. The synthetic, sweet, citrus, and smoky hints add complexity to the overall fragrance.

This perfume is especially appropriate for the cooler seasons of fall and spring, but it's adaptable enough to be worn in winter and even in the warmer summer months. It works well for daily use and business settings, showing its suitability for the modern man who requires a versatile scent. However, it can also be worn for leisure activities, evening events, sports, and nights out, proving its adaptability. Despite some limitations in longevity and sillage, its value for money is undeniable.

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