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Mercedes-Benz Intense by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Intense by Mercedes-Benz
Gender: Men
Release date: 2013

What Does Mercedes-Benz Intense Smell Like

Mercedes-Benz Intense perfume opens with a refreshing scent, reminiscent of the tangy zest of Italian mandarin orange and the citrusy tone of Calabrian bergamot. This lively introduction is complemented by the subtly green aroma of violet leaf absolute, imparting a sense of cool freshness.

As the perfume settles, it reveals its heart. Here, the sweet, powdery aroma of violet takes center stage. This floral note is tempered by the warm, spicy scent of Madagascar pepper, adding an intriguing twist. The mysterious aquatic note of Cascalone® brings about a dynamic contrast, adding depth to the fragrance's heart.

The base of the perfume is characteristically woody, dominated by the rich, resinous scent of American cedar. The damp, earthy aroma of bourbon vetiver and the musky, sweet scent of patchouli align perfectly with the cedar, creating a powerful, masculine undertone. The synthetic notes of Cetalox® and Ambrox contribute a mineral and musky tone respectively, while Limbanol® adds a touch of warmth, like sun-heated pine resin on a fresh woodland trail.

Overall, Mercedes-Benz Intense projects a decidedly masculine, fresh, and spicy scent with a woody base that is subtly floral and pleasantly synthetic, but not overwhelmingly so.

Review of Mercedes-Benz Intense

Mercedes-Benz Intense is a fine example of a perfume that embodies the essence of masculine appeal. The first whiff of this concoction introduces a layered scent profile dominated by spicy, woody, and synthetic notes. While the synthetic aspect may not be everyone's cup of tea, the careful blending with other elements makes it an interesting choice for the audacious man who likes to experiment with his signature scent.

There's an undeniable boldness to this perfume that seems to cater to men who have a taste for the non-conventional. The rich undercurrent of freshness adds a subtle twist, while slight floral, leathery, and citrus tones add an unpredictable yet appealing complexity. The tiny hints of fruity and aquatic elements keep the scent from becoming overly heavy, making it wearable throughout the day.

The perfume is versatile enough for various seasons with a slight leaning towards the cooler months of spring and fall. It's a scent that can carry you from day to night, from your business meetings to your leisure activities. However, it may not be the best choice for an intimate evening or a vigorous sporting event.

In terms of longevity and sillage, while it's not the most enduring or far-reaching, it holds up decently. Just ensure to reapply if you're planning a long day or night out. Value-wise, given its quality and the brand name, it can be considered a fair deal.

Overall, Mercedes-Benz Intense may not be perfect, but what it delivers is an unconventional, daring, and complex scent that, when worn right, can make a striking impression. It's a decent choice for the man who's not afraid to walk the path less trodden.

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