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Gorgeous! by Michael Kors

Gorgeous! by Michael Kors

What Does Gorgeous! Smell Like

Gorgeous! by Michael Kors unequivocally celebrates femininity. Upon first application, it projects a vibrant bouquet of fragrant Indian tuberose, intensified by the exotic and sweet aroma of jasmine sambac. The gentle whispers of orange blossom and ylang-ylang add a layer of softness and subtly amplify the floral notes, making the opening notably lush and lively.

As the perfume begins to evolve, an unexpected twist of tobacco emerges, weaving through the floral narrative with a dark and smoky richness. This middle note creates a fascinating juxtaposition, interlacing the initial sweetness with a deep, earthy undertone.

Over time, the perfume reveals its base notes of Guaiac wood and cedarwood. The woody scent of Guaiac wood exudes a velvety creaminess that encapsulates the wearer in a cocoon of warmth. The cedarwood, on the other hand, presents a dry and slightly sharp aroma, lending the perfume a grounding essence and oriental flair.

In sum, Gorgeous! by Michael Kors is a compelling blend of voluptuous floral, sweet, and woody notes, with a creamy, oriental touch, taking its wearer on an intoxicating olfactory journey.

Review of Gorgeous!

Gorgeous! by Michael Kors, a 2021 release, is a perfume that offers a dignified experience with a touch of sweetness, appealing primarily to women. The scent is most pronounced in the spring and summer months, making it a suitable choice for daytime and leisure activities. However, the fragrance doesn't discriminate, lending itself well to more formal business occasions or a relaxed evening out too.

The perfume opens with a floral clarity, most notably Indian tuberose and jasmine sambac, that blossoms into a warm, sweet heart note of tobacco. This progression from fresh floral to sweet warmth gives Gorgeous! an inviting quality that does not overpower. The woody base notes of cedarwood and gaiac wood, while not as assertive as the floral and sweet notes, provide a subtle anchor, grounding the fragrance with a comforting familiarity.

The longevity of Gorgeous! is decent but not remarkable. If you're after a perfume that will last all day with just one application, you may feel somewhat let down. You might need to reapply it if you're planning for longer hours. The sillage is moderate; it leaves a gentle trail rather than an intrusive cloud. It's a perfume that friends might need to lean in to appreciate fully.

Regarding value for money, Gorgeous! offers a fair deal. The fusion of floral, sweet and woody scents result in a pleasant and wearable fragrance that's not groundbreaking but is still enjoyable. If you're a woman looking for a versatile, easy-to-wear perfume that leans towards the floral and sweet side, Gorgeous! by Michael Kors is worth considering.

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