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Wonderlust by Michael Kors

Wonderlust by Michael Kors
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016

What Does Wonderlust Smell Like

At first whiff, the vibrant brightness of Sicilian mandarin orange stands out, creating an immediate, zesty impression. This is gently tempered by softer, sweet undertones of almond milk, which adds a creamy, comforting layer to the scent. A delicate splash of Italian bergamot lends a touch of freshness, while the faintest hit of pink pepper adds a whisper of spice lingering in the background.

As the initial citrusy rush subsides, the aroma evolves, making way for a floral heart dominated by jasmine sambac. This middle note releases a rich yet gentle floral fragrance, complemented by the lighter, subtly sweet scent of heliotrope and the deeper, more concentrated scent of jasminum grandiflorum absolute. The faintest hint of carnation adds a slightly spicy touch to the perfume's floral bouquet.

As the perfume settles, the smooth scent of cashmere wood emerges, adding a warm, rich undertone that anchors the lighter, floral notes. A touch of benzoin Siam lends a hint of vanilla to the scent, while sandalwood adds a final sweet and woody whisper. Overall, the perfume presents a heady blend of fragrances – starting with a fresh citrus burst, transitioning into a floral heart, and finally settling into a creamy, woodsy base.

Review of Wonderlust

Wonderlust by Michael Kors is a fragrance that starts a conversation. It's an intriguing scent, a bit of a shape-shifter, and certainly not traditional. The perfume seems to have a particular appeal for women, and it's easy to see why.

The scent begins with an unexpected burst of almond milk, warmed by the Sicilian mandarin orange, which gives it an inviting, if not quite domestic, vibe. It's a perfume that doesn't hide behind a facade; it's honest right from the start. Yet, as it unfolds, it evolves into something more complicated. The floral notes, particularly jasmine, make their presence known, but not in an overwhelming or cloying way. Instead, it brings an element of surprise, a sweet twist that keeps you guessing.

The longevity and sillage of Wonderlust are decent, but not exceptional. It's a fragrance that likes to linger close, wrapping you in its scent without announcing your presence from a mile away. This makes it ideal for daily activities and leisure times, more of a personal pleasure than a statement piece.

Despite its sweetness, Wonderlust is not a typical summer scent. Its warmth and depth lend it versatility, making it just as appropriate for a brisk fall day as a sunny spring afternoon. However, it does struggle a bit in the harshness of winter.

Value-wise, it's a solid investment. It's not the most affordable perfume on the market, but for what it offers, it's worth the price. It's a bit of an adventure in a bottle, a journey into the unexpected, and for those who dare, a delightful discovery. However, for those looking for a straightforward, traditional scent, Wonderlust might not be the right fit.

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