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Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.05 - Momento by MiN New York

Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.05 - Momento by MiN New York
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014

Key Notes of Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.05 - Momento

What Does Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.05 - Momento Smell Like

Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.05 - Momento by MiN New York opens with a notable spicy and fresh citrus aroma. The initial scent is predominantly bergamot, which gives a zesty, mildly peppery edge. This is paired with a distinctive and slightly bitter absinthe note alongside tarragon, a spice often compared to aniseed in smell. Subtle undertones of lemon bring a crisp, tangy freshness, while aldehydes contribute a clean, soapy sensation.

As the fragrance evolves, the heart reveals a floral blend. Lavender contributes a calming aroma, akin to fresh, sun-dried laundry, which is partnered with rose, adding a classic romantic fragrance. Vervain and jasmine play smaller roles but lend a touch of sweet, floral greenness and exotic white bloom respectively.

The base is mainly distinguished by the woody, smoky scent of gaiac wood. This is complemented by the earthy, slightly peppery and musky aroma of patchouli. A hint of opoponax, often described as 'sweet myrrh', adds warmth with its rich, balsamic and honey-like smell. This unisex perfume relies on its spicy, woody, citrus and floral accords to create a complex yet harmonious fragrance journey.

Review of Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.05 - Momento

The Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.05 - Momento by MiN New York is a bold fragrance that pushes the boundaries of traditional scent profiles. The unisex formulation is slightly more favored by men, but it offers a myriad of aromatic experiences for everyone. With its spice and woodsy core, it emits a strong sense of sophistication and depth that can be appreciated by those who prefer a sturdy fragrance.

The perfume thrives in the fall and spring seasons, where the spice and woody elements can truly shine. It's versatile enough for both casual and formal occasions, making it a good choice for daily wear or for work.

The Momento shines most in the evening and during nights out, where its complex blend of citrus, floral, powdery, green, sweet, resinous, fresh, earthy, and creamy notes can truly come alive. The scent's longevity is decent, and its sillage is moderate, meaning it will not overpower a room, yet leaves a lasting impression.

The cost of the perfume, however, might not be justified for all. Despite the rich and multi-layered scent profile, the value for money seems to fall a bit short for what is an otherwise impressive perfume. The scent itself is an acquired taste, and not everyone might appreciate the heavy blend of spicy and woody notes.

In conclusion, the Momento is a bold and interesting choice for those who appreciate a complex scent profile. While it leans towards masculine preferences, this fragrance would be a good fit for the adventurous and those who like to make a statement with their fragrance. The cost might be a deterrent for some, but for others, the unique scent experience could very well be worth the splurge.

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