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Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.09 - Dahab by MiN New York

Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.09 - Dahab by MiN New York
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014

Key Notes of Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.09 - Dahab

What Does Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.09 - Dahab Smell Like

Upon the first inhalation of Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.09 - Dahab by MiN New York, you are greeted by a clear smoky aura that is infused with a gentle hint of woody character. A sense of spiciness dominates the initial whiffs, brought to life by the prominent roles of cinnamon and nutmeg, softened by a subtle touch of fresh lime and rich saffron.

As the perfume evolves, the smoky scent transforms to introduce a different narrative. The resinous notes, marked by the presence of frankincense, are noticeably blended with the slightly sweeter, soothing scent of benzoin. A dash of cypress mixed with a hint of floral geranium creates a somewhat unexpected, but pleasing transition.

The perfume culminates in the base notes where the woody scent intensifies, marked by the distinctive aroma of cedarwood and the earthy, slightly animalic scent of oud. The blend is finished with the warm glow of amber, underpinned by a gentle touch of musk. All throughout, the scent can be described as carrying an oriental influence, creating a mysterious, exotic olfactory journey that manages to be evocative yet smoothly blended.

Review of Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.09 - Dahab

Dahab by MiN New York is a fragrance that tells a captivating tale. It is a scent that transcends gender, appealing largely to men but also to a significant percentage of women. Its unisex nature positions it as a truly versatile fragrance that could be a worthwhile addition to any perfume collection.

The first impression of Dahab is a smoky yet slightly spicy allure, drawing you into a world of warmth and richness. This depth is punctuated by the woody and resinous undertones that provide a solid foundation, reminiscent of an alluring evening by a roaring fireplace. With a hint of the orient, this perfume carries the exotic charm of a far-off land, intermingled with a touch of leathery complexity.

As the evening temperature drops, Dahab comes into its own. It's a perfect companion for winter and fall seasons. Whether you're heading out for a night on the town or simply enjoying a leisurely evening, this fragrance enhances the ambiance.

Yet, while the scent is alluring and the longevity commendable, the sillage leaves something to be desired. Though not a deal breaker, it is noticeable and holds the fragrance back from reaching its full potential. As for its value, while not an inexpensive option, it certainly offers a distinctive scent profile that could justify its price tag for those in search of something different.

In conclusion, Dahab by MiN New York is a rich, smoky, and slightly spicy fragrance with a strong appeal towards men. It’s a good fit for the colder months and nighttime occasions, but its weak sillage should be considered before purchase.

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