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Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.11 - Moon Dust by MiN New York

Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.11 - Moon Dust by MiN New York
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014

Key Notes of Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.11 - Moon Dust

What Does Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.11 - Moon Dust Smell Like

Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.11 - Moon Dust by MiN New York is a unisex fragrance that carries a complex, layered scent across all stages of wear. The initial sniff reveals a robust smoky aroma, reminiscent of a crackling bonfire, underscored by a noticeable mineral presence, like wet stones after a summer rain. A subtle hint of coriander adds a gentle dash of spice to the potent opening.

As the scent evolves, the middle notes come forward, presenting an interesting blend. Earthy flintstone dominates the heart of the perfume, giving it a rugged, raw appeal. This is softened by a whisper of ozone, adding a clean, airy facet to the scent. A trace of tobacco weaves through the core notes, adding a slightly warm and robust essence.

As the fragrance settles, the base notes emerge to leave a lasting impression. A rich soil note brings the earthy theme full circle, offering a raw and grounding finish. Black musk adds an animalistic touch, giving the fragrance slight depth and intrigue. A final hint of benzoin imparts a sweet, resinous quality to the blend, tying the overall fragrance together in a complex swirl of smoky, spicy, earthy, woody, and resinous notes.

Review of Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.11 - Moon Dust

In the world of fragrances, Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.11 - Moon Dust by MiN New York stands out as an enigmatic offering. Released in 2014, this perfume is a top choice for those seeking a scent that's not easily categorized. Its unisex allure lends itself primarily to men, however, it doesn't shy away from appealing to women who appreciate a smoky and spicy profile.

Moon Dust is a scent that appreciates the colder seasons. Its earthy, woody, and leathery tones make it perfect for crisp winter days and cool, colorful autumn evenings. Its resinous and synthetic undertones also suggest a whiff of mystery and depth. Still, it's versatile enough for spring and is not completely out of place in summer, although it may feel slightly heavy in extreme heats.

This perfume is an evening star. It shines in leisurely settings and on nights out, adding a touch of allure to your personality. It's also fitting for business occasions, where its smoky and spicy notes can command attention without overpowering the senses. Everyday wear is possible, although some might find its intensity a bit much for casual, daily usage.

Moon Dust has a noticeable longevity, ensuring that it lingers on your skin for hours. But don't be fooled by its endurance because its sillage is rather moderate, meaning it's not likely to fill a room when you enter.

In terms of value for money, Moon Dust may not be the most budget-friendly option available. However, for those seeking a distinctive and robust fragrance experience, it might just be well worth the investment.

In conclusion, Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.11 - Moon Dust is a daring and atmospheric scent designed for those who appreciate the unconventional and are not afraid to make a statement.

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