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Perfect Oud by Mizensir

Perfect Oud by Mizensir
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Brand: Mizensir

What Does Perfect Oud Smell Like

Perfect Oud by Mizensir is an intriguing unisex scent that draws you in with a beguiling opening of Bulgarian rose and zesty bergamot that is underscored by a hint of spicy coriander. It is the type of fragrance that pulls you in, tentative yet inviting, as the top notes gracefully give their place to the heart of the perfume. The distinct aroma of oud, a raw and organic scent, takes the center stage in the middle notes. It's earthy, resonant, and complex without being overly intense. Complementing the oud is the gentle, powdery whiff of orris concrete, a touch of nature that adds a clean finish to the heart of the perfume.

As Perfect Oud settles into the base notes, the smoky, unmistakably woody scent of Cade juniper wood prevails, grounding the fragrance with a rich, deep aroma that lingers beautifully on the skin. The Nootka cypress accentuates the woodiness, introducing a slightly citrusy undertone that adds an unexpected twist to the scent's profile. A blend of traditional and contemporary notes, Perfect Oud is a symphony of scents that are boldly woody, subtly floral, and enticingly oriental.

Review of Perfect Oud

Perfect Oud by Mizensir is an alluring fragrance that manages to straddle the line between being distinctively masculine and universally appealing. Released in 2016, it has since become a favored choice among matured men, who appreciate its rich depth and character.

The composition opens with a refreshing burst of Bulgarian rose and bergamot, lending it an initial crispness. The real star, however, is the oud that forms the heart of the perfume. It infuses the scent with a warm, woody allure that is hard to resist. In the dry down, nuances of Cade juniper wood and Nootka cypress add a leathery appeal, making the aroma more robust and intriguing.

Despite its dominant woody character, Perfect Oud doesn't shy away from incorporating floral, spicy, and oriental elements. These notes enhance its complexity without overpowering the base. This careful blend makes Perfect Oud suitable for a variety of settings, from relaxed evenings out to business meetings and everyday use.

While it's a scent that leans towards the fall and spring seasons, it performs well in winter, too. Summer may not be its strongest suit due to its intense nature, but this doesn't make it any less tempting. On the downside, the fragrance's longevity could use some improvement. Though it lasts a reasonable amount of time, it may require a touch-up to carry you through the day.

Overall, Perfect Oud by Mizensir is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a robust, mature, and flexible fragrance. Its woody, leathery character exudes a certain charm that's hard to ignore. In spite of its minor shortcomings, it leaves a lasting impression that's both impressive and enchanting.

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