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Blue Matcha by Montale

Blue Matcha by Montale
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Brand: Montale

What Does Blue Matcha Smell Like

Blue Matcha by Montale opens with a pronounced aroma of blue tea, a scent that is fresh and cooling. The initial blast is accompanied by citrus fruits, adding a bright and juicy layer to the opening. Blackcurrant sneaks in subtly, lending a slightly sweet and tangy touch to the fresh and citrusy opening.

The fragrance then evolves to reveal a powerful heart of black leather. Imagine the smell of a brand new leather jacket; it's robust, raw, and has a certain edge to it. Along with leather, the scent of tobacco wafts through, adding an earthy undertone, while cedarwood and patchouli bring in a woody character that's both rustic and grounding.

As it settles, Blue Matcha exudes a soft muskiness that's comforting and warm, accented by the marine-like notes of ambergris that give it a slightly salty, animalic twist. Maté absolute ends the journey with a subtly green, slightly bitter end-note that serves as a perfect counterpart to the sweetness of citrus and the robustness of leather.

Overall, Blue Matcha is a scent journey that starts fresh and citrusy, transcends into the rawness of leather and earthiness of tobacco, and finally settles down into a musky, slightly salty dry-down.

Review of Blue Matcha

Blue Matcha by Montale, released in 2021, proves to be a noteworthy addition to the unisex perfume market. Its formulation leans more towards the male demographic, yet it does not shy away from appealing to a broad spectrum of perfume connoisseurs. The scent is a robust concoction of fresh and spicy notes laced with a distinct leathery undertone. This blend of various scent types weaves an intricate tapestry that is fascinating without being overwhelming.

At the heart of Blue Matcha is a strong emphasis on the rare blue tea and black leather, which lend an unexpected, yet intriguing tone to the perfume. The citrusy top notes and woody undertones further accentuate its uniquely appealing nature. Despite the complexity of its composition, it somehow manages to maintain an easy-to-wear quality, making it an excellent choice for various occasions.

Blue Matcha stands out for its decent longevity and moderate projection. Its staying power is commendable, and it leaves behind a captivating yet subtle trail. However, its value might be a sticking point for some potential users as it falls more into the higher price range.

This perfume shines in the milder months of spring and fall, where its multifaceted scent can truly unfold. Despite the perfume being versatile enough for both day and night use, it particularly shines during leisurely moments. All in all, despite a few minor drawbacks, Montale's Blue Matcha is a striking fragrance that's worth exploring, especially for those seeking a scent that stands out from the crowd.

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