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Boisé Fruité by Montale

Boisé Fruité by Montale
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2009
Brand: Montale

What Does Boisé Fruité Smell Like

From the first whiff, Boisé Fruité by Montale offers a bouquet dominated by the bright, zesty tones of Italian bergamot and mandarin orange leaf. These two ingredients lend an invigorating citrusy aroma that's counterbalanced by the subdued, tart undertone of lime. This combination gives the scent a decidedly fruity and energetic introduction. As this vibrant opening settles, a solitary note of violet leaf emerges, providing a gentle, floral heart that is subtly green and soft against the robust citrus.

The perfume's base shifts to a deeper profile, where the earthy quality of Java vetiver asserts itself. It's a grounding scent, reminiscent of damp earth and freshly cut grass, which juxtaposes well with the citrus and floral notes. This is further enriched by the warm, creamy facet of Mysore sandalwood, lending a comforting woody tone to the dry down.

Overall, Boisé Fruité is characterized by a vibrant juxtaposition of fruity, woodsy, fresh and spicy components. There's a clear progression from the lively citrus opening to the subtle floral heart, and finally to the rich, earthy-woody dry down, resulting in a scent that's as complex as it is inviting.

Review of Boisé Fruité

Boisé Fruité by Montale has a definite charm, which is likely the reason why it's favored by almost equally by both men and women. Unisex fragrances often struggle to strike the right balance, but this one comes close, making it a great option for those who prefer their scents to defy gender stereotypes. The perfume might not stun you with its complexity, but it's the simplicity and balance of ingredients that make it stand out.

The scent profile of Boisé Fruité is dominated by fruity and woody aspects, making it feel both refreshing and grounded. Elements of fresh citrus and a hint of spiciness add a bit of zest to the mix. Despite the synthetic element, the perfume doesn't feel artificial. Instead, it manages to maintain a natural feel, reminiscent of a stroll through a fruit orchard on a cool autumn day.

The scent is not overwhelming, it stays close to the wearer and won't invade the space of those around you, which makes it great for intimate settings. However, the perfume might not be the best choice for those seeking strong sillage or those who prefer their scent to make a bold statement.

As for its longevity, it fares pretty well, staying discernible for most of the day. This makes it a good choice for both day-to-day use and special occasions.

The value proposition of Boisé Fruité might not be the best on the market, so it might not be the first choice for those shopping on a budget. However, if you're seeking a versatile, balanced, and understated fragrance that can be worn by anyone, anywhere - this might be a perfume worth considering.

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