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Rose Elixir by Montale

Rose Elixir by Montale
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010
Brand: Montale

What Does Rose Elixir Smell Like

Rose Elixir by Montale opens with an immediately recognizable and robust scent of roses, which is distinct and true to the flower itself, not at all artificial or overly sweet. Following closely behind, a light touch of citrus fruits adds a slight tangy hint, while the suggestion of strawberry leaf contributes a crisp, green freshness. As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes emerge with the exotic fragrance of Jasminum auriculatum, a jasmine variant with a subtly sweet, floral character. The orange blossom further enhances the floral motif, but its presence is rather understated.

The finishing touch is a base layer of soft and smooth musk, creating a subdued and pleasant animalistic background for the dominating florals. The scent of vanilla further smoothens the musk, adding a mild, sweet creaminess that isn't too heady or sugary. Lastly, the hint of amber brings a resinous warmth to the composition, providing a perfect backdrop for the musk and vanilla to shine. In conclusion, Rose Elixir by Montale is a distinctly floral and sweet fragrance, marked by the dominant rose, complemented by zesty and green notes, and backed by a warm, creamy base.

Review of Rose Elixir

Montale's Rose Elixir, released in 2010, is a perfume that has gained recognition for its floral and fruity charms, making it especially popular among women of all ages. This Eau de Parfum draws you in with its intoxicating blend of roses and citrus fruits at its top, which then gracefully gives way to the sensual notes of Jasminum auriculatum and orange blossom in the heart of this fragrance.

The perfume's longevity is a strong point, staying with you throughout the day, creating a lingering trail that's hard to forget. This makes it a brilliant choice for women who prefer fragrances that don't fade away quickly. However, the scent is not overpowering, striking a thoughtful balance between presence and subtlety.

Rose Elixir is a versatile fragrance that adapts to the changing moods of the seasons, making it a great option for those who prefer to have a signature scent. Although it's especially vibrant during the spring, don't let this deter you from wearing it all year round.

When considering the various settings where this perfume could be worn, it seems to be a jack-of-all-trades. Whether you're heading to a leisurely brunch, going about your daily routine, or stepping out for a night in town, Rose Elixir tends not to feel out of place.

On the downside, some might find the perfume's sweetness a bit too overwhelming and the synthetic touch slightly off-putting. Also, while the musk, vanilla, and amber base notes add depth to the overall scent, they don't quite shine as the stars of the show.

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