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Cheap and Chic - Light Clouds by Moschino

Cheap and Chic - Light Clouds by Moschino
Gender: Women
Release date: 2009
Brand: Moschino

Key Notes of Cheap and Chic - Light Clouds

What Does Cheap and Chic - Light Clouds Smell Like

Cheap and Chic - Light Clouds by Moschino opens with a crisp, fresh aroma led by cyclamen, coupled with a soft, juicy undertone of peach. The initial scent is crisp yet rounded, with the sweetness of peaches subtly complementing the slightly bitter floral cyclamen. After this welcoming opening, you will start to notice the heart of the fragrance, distinguished by a watery lotus aroma that feels cooling and calming. The scent of rose follows closely, adding a classic floral depth to the middle stage, while the jasmine introduces a lighter, more delicate floral touch in the blend.

As it settles on the skin, the base notes come into play. Prominently, the musk lends a warm, animalistic aroma that provides a luxuriously soft foundation to the fragrance. The cedar adds a hint of woodiness that grounds the fragrance, and a touch of ambrette brings an earthy, somewhat musky scent to the mix. This earthy base supports and enhances the floral and fruit notes, resulting in a final aroma that is fresh, lightly sweet, and subtly sensual, embodying the essence of feminine elegance.

Review of Cheap and Chic - Light Clouds

Cheap and Chic - Light Clouds by Moschino is a perfume that has carved its own niche in the fragrance world. Released in 2009, it has steadily gathered a faithful following, particularly among women. The scent is a lively cocktail of fresh, floral and citrus notes, making it a perfect pick for sunny, warm days. Its essence leans towards the lighter side, ideal for those who enjoy subtle, easy-going perfumes.

The perfume opens with a refreshing blend of cyclamen and peach, adding a gentle sweetness to the scent. Gradually, it evolves into a heart of lotus, rose, and jasmine, lending a slightly floral undertone. This combination makes the perfume appealing to the younger crowd, who appreciate a more delicate and youthful scent.

However, longevity and sillage might not be the strongest suits of this perfume. It tends to stay close to the skin, making it a suitable choice for personal enjoyment rather than making a bold statement. That being said, its soft sillage means it is less likely to overwhelm your surroundings, making it great for daily wear, leisure activities, and even your sports outings.

As for value, Moschino's Cheap and Chic - Light Clouds offers an enjoyable scent experience without breaking the bank. However, its subtle profile and relatively short lifespan mean that you might find yourself reaching for the bottle more often to top up the fragrance.

In conclusion, this perfume is a light, refreshing fragrance that is perfect for casual, everyday wear. It might not be the longest-lasting, but its delicate, easy-going nature makes it a charming option for those who prefer understated, less assertive scents.

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