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Funny! by Moschino

Funny! by Moschino
Gender: Women
Release date: 2007
Brand: Moschino

Key Notes of Funny!

What Does Funny! Smell Like

Funny! by Moschino starts with a vivacious opening, where the vibrant smell of oranges takes the lead. This initial scent is not overly sweet, rather it carries the authentic, tangy freshness of citrus fruits. Alongside the oranges, a hint of currant adds a subtle fruity twist, which is spiced up just a smidge with the suggestion of pink pepper, creating a lively start to the experience.

As the perfume settles, the aromatic essence of green tea becomes more pronounced, bringing a serene freshness to the overall aroma. The delicate scents of peony and violet peek through the green tea, adding a light floral undertone to the fragrance. The breath of jasmine is barely discernible, yet it lends a certain depth to the heart of the perfume.

As the fragrance further develops, the warmth of amber emerges, pairing wonderfully with the clear, woody scent of cedarwood. The musk is a soft whisper in the background, rounding off the fragrance with a gentle, earthy touch.

Funny! by Moschino is a symphony of scents, masterfully blending citrus, floral, fruity, green, and fresh accords for a fragrance that's as lively and playful as its name suggests.

Review of Funny!

Funny! by Moschino is a playful yet mature perfume best suited for women. The scent profile, centered around citrus and freshness, makes it a wonderful choice for the warmer months, and particularly well-suited to casual, daily activities. Whether you're at the office or enjoying a leisurely day out, Funny! captures a sense of spontaneous delight.

A distinguishing feature of this fragrance is its initial burst of citrus, mainly orange. This gives the perfume an immediate pop, catching attention with its lively and juicy aroma. However, this invigorating start doesn't overstay its welcome, as the fragrance quickly settles into a subtly floral and fruity heart, with green tea being a notable component. The scent is refreshing without being overpowering, making it great for those who prefer a more understated fragrance.

Despite the youthful charm that Funny! exudes, it doesn't alienate older users. The blend of fruity and floral notes strikes a balance that can appeal to many age groups. However, its longevity and sillage are not spectacular, meaning the fragrance may require a few reapplications throughout the day. Although not ideal, this does provide the opportunity to experience the delightful opening notes more than once.

In terms of value, Funny! is a worthwhile option. It offers an interesting and pleasant scent profile that doesn't break the bank. However, the need for multiple reapplications may lead to the bottle emptying a tad quicker than you'd like.

In conclusion, Funny! by Moschino is a charming fragrance best suited for casual daily wear in the warmer months. Its lively citrus opening and subtle floral heart can appeal to a wide range of women, despite its less-than-stellar staying power.

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