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Toy 2 by Moschino

Toy 2 by Moschino
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Moschino

What Does Toy 2 Smell Like

Toy 2 by Moschino opens with a crisp, slightly floral aroma with a hint of citrus. The magnolia note gives it a fresh and breezy character, while the mandarin orange adds a sweet and tangy facet. You'll notice a subtle, tart undertone from the Granny Smith apple, although it's not the main player here.

As the scent unfolds, you're introduced to its heart notes, where a strong jasmine scent takes the lead. The jasmine here is lush, full-bodied and slightly sweet, dominating the perfume's middle phase. The scent of peony complements the jasmine, offering a softer, lighter floral touch. There's a faint hint of white currant too, its mild fruity sweetness blending subtly with the existing floral bouquet.

On dry down, a distinct aroma of musk becomes quite noticeable. It's clean and transparent, like a crystal, offering a nice contrast to the fruity and floral elements. The amberwood and sandalwood notes on the base are equally evident, each giving a warm, creamy undertone to the overall scent. The amberwood lends a slight sweetish-woody smell, while the sandalwood brings a soft, milky, and slightly powdery aspect to the mix.

Overall, Toy 2 by Moschino is a fruit-floral perfume with light woody and musky undertones.

Review of Toy 2

Toy 2 by Moschino, a 2018 release, seems to be tailor-made for the vivacious and active woman. With a distinct leaning toward fruity and fresh accords, this scent is a lively partner for the warm, sunlit days of spring and summer. The top notes of magnolia and mandarin orange hint at an initial burst of freshness, while the middle notes of jasmine and peony add a mildly floral touch to the overall scent profile.

Toy 2 doesn't shy away from its playful, youthful edge. The fragrance is most appealing to women, especially those who enjoy a fragrance that's light, sparkling, and full of life. The perfume's longevity could be better, though, as it tends to fade through the day, making it less suitable for long-lasting wear.

The perfume's sillage is subtle and not too overwhelming, making it a good choice for casual, everyday use. Whether you're off to an afternoon brunch, or simply going about your daily routine, Toy 2 can add a touch of cheerful buoyancy to your day. However, its lack of boldness might make it less appropriate for more formal or night-time occasions.

Despite its fresh and fruity appeal, Toy 2 does have a synthetic undertone, likely stemming from its base note of crystal musk. This might be a detractor for those who prefer more natural fragrances. However, if you are looking for a youthful, vibrant fragrance that exudes energy and fun, Toy 2 by Moschino is worth considering. Its value lies in its bright, summery appeal, and would be a good addition to any light and casual fragrance collection.

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