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Angel by Mugler

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1992
Brand: Mugler

What Does Angel Smell Like

Angel by Mugler is a sweet, oriental scent that sets the senses alight with an array of complex and alluring notes. The opening is an irresistible blend of cotton candy and coconut lusciousness combined with refreshing citrusy touches, while subtle hints of jasmine and melon add vibrancy. Further into the heart, the smell intensifies with honey-like sweetness, alongside ripe fruits such as peach and apricot contrasted against floral nuances like orchid and rose. Finally, base notes of chocolate and caramel craft an irresistibly creamy finish which lingers in perfect harmony with patchouli, amber muskiness, tonka bean warmth and a whisper of vanilla. An exquisite fragrance for women to delight in.

Review of Angel

Angel by Mugler is a delightful Eau de Parfum released in 1992. It's a sweet and indulgent scent, with gourmand, oriental and spicy accords that create an unforgettable aroma. The perfume has excellent longevity that will last through the night making it ideal for evening occasions such as nights out or special events. Although slightly on the pricey side, this scent is worth every penny due to its high quality presentation and long-lasting effects. Women of all ages will appreciate this unique fragrance; however it's especially popular among young women during wintertime when they want to make a statement without being too intense or overbearing. Angel by Mugler gets our stamp of approval - you won't regret adding this luxurious potion to your collection.

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