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Aura by Mugler

Aura by Mugler
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Mugler

What Does Aura Smell Like

Upon the initial encounter, Aura by Mugler introduces a sweet, ripe pear scent, journeying towards a subtly earthy hibiscus seed aroma. Following this appetizing introduction, it twists subtly into the heart of the scent, featuring the potent Tiger Liana. This unique note presents an intoxicating jungle essence, infusing the perfume with a contrasting yet intriguing green aroma.

As Aura dries down, it unveils an exquisite base where the creamy, lush scent of Tahitian vanilla takes the lead. This, combined with the gentle rootiness of Orris root, delivers a slightly powdery nuance adding a different dimension to this complex perfume.

Overall, Aura by Mugler is a flirtatious blend of sweet, fruity, and floral accords, anchored with green and synthetic undertones. The transition from juicy fruit to floral jungle to a slightly powdery, creamy finale creates a pleasant olfactory journey, making this perfume an interesting exploration for the senses.

Review of Aura

Aura by Mugler is a perfume that demands attention with its distinctive aroma. Designed primarily for women, it offers an exciting blend of sweet and fruity scents, underscored by a green and floral foundation. The scent is a tantalizing medley that's predominantly sweet, but with a refreshing hint of green and floral tones. Its fruity elements, featuring pear, add a youthful touch that makes it accessible to a younger crowd. However, its mature, powdery notes make it equally suitable and appealing to older women.

Despite its sweet and fruity character, Aura doesn't overwhelm. It has a moderate sillage that allows it to subtly fill a room without being overpowering. This makes it ideal for daily use or casual leisure activities, where its distinctive character can shine without feeling out of place.

Aura's longevity is similarly moderate, meaning it will last throughout your day, but may not carry through to the evening or night. This may require reapplication for longer wear or more formal occasions.

The perfume has an almost equal suitability for summer and spring, with its fresh fruity notes coming into their own in warmer seasons. However, it can also lend a touch of brightness to fall and winter days. It's a versatile fragrance that can adapt to different seasons and settings.

Given the sophisticated blend of scents, Aura by Mugler offers good value. However, users who prefer less synthetic scents might find its synthetic undertones a bit disappointing. Despite this, Aura is a bold, characterful fragrance that can add a touch of personality to any occasion or season.

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