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Innocent by Mugler

Innocent by Mugler
Gender: Women
Release date: 1998
Brand: Mugler

What Does Innocent Smell Like

Innocent by Mugler is a sweet and fruity perfume that first hits your senses with a light burst of fresh mandarin orange and a hint of bergamot. This initial fresh and citrusy scent gently transitions into a heart of juicy red berries and a hint of tart blackcurrant that's subtly softened by a creamy almond undertone. The fragrance gradually settles into a base that's warm and rich, with a prominent amber note that's delicately balanced with soft musk. A touch of praline adds a gourmand element to the perfume, lending a subtly sweet and nutty depth. The end result is a scent that's decidedly feminine, with a balance of sweet, fruity, and fresh facets. The powdery aspect is also present throughout, lending a soft, enveloping quality to the perfume, making it feel comforting and familiar. In short, Innocent by Mugler offers a pleasing balance of sweet and fresh notes, making it a lovely scent to wear.

Review of Innocent

Innocent by Mugler is a women's perfume that brings to mind a comforting dessert, with its sweet and gourmand tones. Picture biting into a juicy fruit, the freshness mingling with a dusting of powdered sugar, this scent encapsulates that. Despite its sweetness, it doesn't overpower, keeping a balance with its slightly oriental and floral notes that add a touch of depth and maturity to the perfume. It's a good fit for those cool autumn evenings, providing a sense of warmth, but it doesn't shy away from the liveliness of spring either. While it's perfect for evening wear, its versatility allows it to be worn during casual day outings or even on a fun night out. Longevity is fairly decent, but don't expect it to linger all day. The bottle won't break the bank but it's not a budget scent either. With Innocent by Mugler, expect a cosy and pleasant aroma that's comforting yet playful.

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