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Dubai - Meydan by Nabeel

Dubai - Meydan by Nabeel
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Asghar Adam Ali
Brand: Nabeel

Key Notes of Dubai - Meydan

What Does Dubai - Meydan Smell Like

Dubai - Meydan by Nabeel opens with a robust, woody scent of cypress, complemented by the spicy warmth of saffron, cardamom, and cinnamon. The scent of citrusy bergamot and tart grapefruit add a surprising contrast, along with subtle touches of lavender, nutmeg, and pine wood. Unusual notes of styrax, apple, artemisia, and bitter almond add depth and intrigue to the perfume's introduction.

As it settles, the cypress continues to dominate, its crisp piney aroma mingling with the rich, aromatic profile of tobacco. Beneath these, the balm-like, deep tones of cedarwood and frankincense create a comforting base, alongside a hint of smoky gaiac wood. Sweeter notes of jasmine and geranium pop through, and myrrh adds a certain mystical quality to the heart of the perfume.

In its final stages, the perfume reveals a bold, masculine leather scent, merging beautifully with the second appearance of tobacco. The scent then transitions to an exotic blend of amber, ambergris, benzoin, and labdanum. The musk, oud, and sandalwood lend an inviting warmth, while tolu balm and tonka bean gift an underlay of sweetness. The endnotes of vetiver, patchouli, and vanilla round off the fragrance, leaving a memorable, lingering scent that is decidedly oriental.

Review of Dubai - Meydan

Dubai - Meydan by Nabeel is an assertive fragrance that sweeps you away to the luxurious, spiced air of the Middle East. Released in 2015, this perfume doesn't shy away from making a statement, ideally suited to those who appreciate the bold and the distinctive.

The scent profile is a complex symphony where leathery and woody notes take the lead, with bold strokes of spicy and smoky elements. This robust character is further amplified by the touch of oriental notes, which give this perfume its enigmatic allure. While it can be worn by anyone, it's no surprise this perfume resonates most with men, given its intense, confident aura.

Dubai - Meydan is not a light, casual fragrance to be worn unnoticed. It commands attention, making it perfect for evenings and special nights out. While it's not an everyday perfume, it holds its own in the leisure category and can definitely add a classy touch to business occasions.

Being a fall and winter fragrance, it works best in colder months, wrapping the wearer in warm, aromatic comfort. This isn't to say it cannot be used in spring; however, summer users might find it a tad heavy.

As for its longevity and sillage, Dubai - Meydan impresses with its staying power and projection. Yet, it's not perfect. Some may find it too overpowering, and the price tag may not appeal to everyone. Despite these shortcomings, the perfume's assertiveness makes it a worthy addition to a discerning fragrance lover's collection.

In conclusion, Dubai - Meydan is a daring perfume that thrives in its audacity, crafted for those who appreciate the allure of the Middle East's opulent aroma.

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