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The Spirit of Dubai - Abjar by Nabeel

The Spirit of Dubai - Abjar by Nabeel
Gender: Unisex
Perfumer: Asghar Adam Ali
Brand: Nabeel

Key Notes of The Spirit of Dubai - Abjar

What Does The Spirit of Dubai - Abjar Smell Like

The Spirit of Dubai - Abjar by Nabeel opens with an aromatic milieu of clary sage and cypress, intertwined with the spicy warmth of nutmeg and pine. The distinctive aroma of styrax subtly weaves through the top notes alongside hints of fresh apple, bitter almond, and aromatic cardamom. Undertones of cinnamon and clove lend a comforting warmth, while grapefruit and lavender provide a crisp freshness. Accentuating notes of pepper and saffron add an exotic dimension to the scent.

Moving to the heart of the fragrance, rich balsamic notes merge with the sweet depth of honey, creating a vibrant, resinous core. The scent of raw leather pervades, mingling with Akigalawood® and cashmeran for an earthy foundation. The addition of Indian oud and labdanum brings an oriental resonance, with subtle touches of birch leaf, cedarwood, frankincense, and gaiac wood. Intricately laced with the floral sweetness of rose, hints of geranium, jasmine, and lily of the valley softly emerge.

In its finale, a smoky base of civet and tobacco unfurls. Castoreum melds with Australian sandalwood, musk, and oud for a densely sensual base. Sandalwood, amber, and benzoin lend a mellow sweetness, with gaiac wood creating a warm undertone. Delicate traces of praliné, vanilla, and vetiver round off this complex, intriguing fragrance with an inviting depth.

Review of The Spirit of Dubai - Abjar

The Spirit of Dubai - Abjar by Nabeel is a scent journey that encapsulates the essence of an Arabian nightscape with its exotic and intense aura. Clearly, this fragrance has been crafted with the mature man in mind, given its strong, resolute character and depth. However, its unisex nature allows women to explore its captivating allure as well.

The fragrance's spicy personality, combined with its leathery and resinous undertones, brings an unexpected dimension to the perfume, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy standing out. These spicy characteristics are not overpowering, rather they blend harmoniously with sweet and woody nuances, adding a soothing balance to the overall experience. The scent is akin to a stroll through an old world spice market, with the smell of pine, nutmeg, and saffron mingling with the leathery and smoky notes for an invigorating experience.

Abjar is a perfume that commands longevity and presence, making it a choice option for evening wear or night outs. Its sillage is impressive, meaning it will leave an intriguing trail that others will notice. Despite this, one should bear in mind that it can be a bit too potent for daily wear.

As for the value, it's fair to say that this isn't a budget-friendly option. However, if you're looking for a unique scent experience, you might find it worth the investment. Its complex mix of notes and scent profile makes it a compelling choice for the colder seasons, particularly fall and winter.

In conclusion, Abjar by Nabeel offers an adventurous scent journey that is worth exploring despite its robust character and price tag. Its unique blend of spicy, leathery, and sweet notes crafts an aromatic tale that is a testament to the spirit of Dubai.

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