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Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez
Concentration: Eau de Parfum Cristal
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022

What Does Narciso Smell Like

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez is a women's perfume that begins with a clean and soft aroma. The top notes of this fragrance create a gentle blend of powdery freesia petals and a light touch of sweet orange blossom. This initial impression suggests an airy garden with fresh florals at the forefront.

As the scent develops, the middle notes introduce richer, deeper floral tones. The scent of lush jasmine blooms becomes prominent, with hints of delicate rose lingering in the background. The result is a slightly sweeter and more voluptuous heart to the perfume, yet its essence remains light and powdery.

Transitioning to the base notes, a layer of white musk becomes dominant, lending a sensual, creamy undertone to the composition. This is subtly intensified with a hint of cedarwood, bringing a whisper of earthiness to the overall bouquet.

In conclusion, Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez leaves an impression of a soft, powdery floral scent with underlying creaminess from the white musk and a quiet freshness from the cedarwood. It's a subtly layered perfume that transitions from clean and soft florals to a fuller, more robust floral heart before settling into a sweet, creamy base.

Review of Narciso

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez, a 2022 release, is an elegant and refined perfume that is bound to appeal to many, especially women. With its floral and powdery undertones, Narciso carries an air of sophistication that reflects a mature persona. It's a scent that's not overbearing yet has a notable presence, making it a perfect choice for those who want to make a subtle yet distinctive statement.

The perfume opens with a graceful combination of freesia and orange blossom, offering a fresh and lively start. As the initial notes mellow down, the true heart of Narciso, featuring gentle jasmine and a hint of rose, begin to emerge, further adding to its feminine appeal.

The base of white musk and cedarwood seals the scent with a warm and inviting vibe, which gives Narciso its long-lasting appeal, though it could have been stronger. It's a composition that's predominantly floral, intertwined with sweet and creamy notes, making it an ideal choice for spring and summer days. However, it's not as effective during the colder months, which may limit its year-round versatility.

Narciso's charm lies in its ability to adapt to various settings - daily chores, leisure activities, or even business settings. While it's not the most striking choice for nights out or evening events, its subtle allure makes it an appealing option for those seeking understated elegance.

In terms of value, Narciso sits on the higher end of the market, reflecting its premium quality. However, the price may be a deterrent for some. Overall, Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez is an enchanting blend that encapsulates a classic femininity that many women will appreciate.

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