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Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez
Concentration: Eau de Toilette Rouge
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019

What Does Narciso Smell Like

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez begins with an unmistakable floral bouquet. The delicate lily of the valley and captivating rose notes are prominent, delivering a gentle sweet and slightly powdery aroma. Notably, the rose isn't perfumey but fresh, akin to a rose garden after a light rain. The lily of the valley adds a slightly green freshness, underlining the floral notes with a subtle hint of dew.

As the perfume develops, a distinctive musk starts to emerge. It’s not overwhelming; it's smooth, powdery, and subtly sweet. The musk creates a nice bridge, fusing the top and base notes seamlessly.

Upon drying down, the creamy and warm tonka bean note shines through, emanating a faintly sweet and somewhat almond-like aroma. The dual cedar tones, black and white, lend an enticing woody character. The black cedar adds a deep, slightly smoky touch while the white cedar presents a softer, more mellow facet. A whisper of vetiver grounds the scent, providing an earthy, rooty finish, but it's barely there, and does not overpower the other components.

Overall, the scent is wonderfully floral, lightly sweet, and a touch powdery, grounded by comforting creamy and woody undertones.

Review of Narciso

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez is a creation that vibrates with the energy of the modern woman. This Eau de Toilette Rouge is a wonderful blend of floral, powdery, and sweet aromas that evoke a sense of mystery and allure. For women who aren't afraid to be themselves and appreciate a scent that can keep up, Narciso could well be the perfect compliment to their bold spirit.

The unmistakable hints of lily of the valley and rose that announce your arrival, soon mellow down to a comforting, warm musk. This seamless transition from floral to musk is a testament to the thoughtfully constructed scent architecture of Narciso. The closing notes of woody cedar and tonka bean leave an intriguingly rich impression that'll have you going back for more.

While Narciso does shine in the spring and summer months, it is versatile enough to be worn year-round. From a relaxed day at home to a night out, Narciso is just as diverse in its appeal for various occasions. It carries a sense of confidence and elegance that can elevate any setting.

However, despite its many strengths, Narciso does have room for improvement. Its sillage isn’t the strongest, which might disappoint those who prefer a more assertive aura. Its sweet elements might also not sit well with those who lean towards more citrus or spicy scents.

All in all, Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez is a well-crafted fragrance that reflects the dynamism and complexity of contemporary women. It might not be perfect for everyone, but for those it does resonate with, it'll be an aromatic journey worth embarking on.

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