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Ege by Nishane

Ege by Nishane
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Ilias Ermenidis
Brand: Nishane

What Does Ege Smell Like

Ege by Nishane starts with a bold clean scent propelled by the fresh, slightly metallic aroma of violet leaf. A tangy, bright note of yuzu then comes into play, infusing the fragrance with a citrusy zest that is subtly tempered by the sweet, mildly spicy undertone of aniseed. As it settles, a new layer of aroma unfolds in the heart of the fragrance. The spicy, sweet scent of basil and the cool, invigorating aroma of mint rise to the surface, complimented softly by the faint warmth of green cardamom. As the scent matures, the perfume reveals its base. The spiritual, slightly lemony scent of frankincense lends a mystical vibe, wrapped up by the sweet, woody depth of liquorice. Overall, Ege by Nishane paints a fragrant tale of freshness, spice, and sweetness - an enticing blend of scents that is both refreshing to smell and exciting to discover.

Review of Ege

Nishane's Ege, released in 2020, is a welcoming unisex perfume, with a slightly more masculine lean. It thrives in the warm, breezy days of summer and spring, reminiscent of coastal holidays and sun-kissed Mediterranean afternoons. The distinct freshness of the perfume, amplified by a crisp aquatic note, evokes images of serene seashores and lush green landscapes.

The aroma is tinged with a modest spicy dimension, adding an unexpected twist to its appeal, while the hint of citrus imparts a lively zest. The rare floral undertone adds a gentle softness that rounds off the fragrance journey. Ege is a daytime companion, perfect for a leisure day or daily work routine, with its refreshing composure lending well to casual business environments and even outdoor sports.

As the sun sets, its charm might not be as striking, but there's still room for Ege on a relaxed night out or a quiet evening in. The perfume's longevity is notable, persisting through the day without overwhelming your surroundings. Although the pricing is on the higher end, its distinctive character brings a sense of worth to the investment.

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