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Kredo by Nishane

Kredo by Nishane
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Brand: Nishane

What Does Kredo Smell Like

Kredo by Nishane opens with a clear and distinctive scent of cardamom, imparting a warm, mildly sweet note with a touch of spice. This is accompanied by a less pronounced hint of pink pepper, adding a mild edge to the perfume's initial aroma. As the fragrance gradually evolves, an elegant osmanthus absolute takes over. This provides a subtly sweet, fruity, yet somewhat floral scent. It’s important to note that osmanthus doesn't overpower the blend, instead, it subtly weaves its aroma into the composition, resulting in a smooth transition to the base notes.

The base of this perfume reveals a dominant suede aroma. It's not your usual leather scent, instead, it provides a soft, velvety, and creamy touch that gives the fragrance a comforting, warm sensation. Accompanying the suede, there are undertones of oud, presenting a dark, rich, and slightly smoky aroma, which adds depth to the perfume. And finally, a hint of sandalwood steps in, giving a faint woody note that ties the other scents together. It subtly punctuates the perfume without veering away from the overall profile, resulting in a spicy, woody, and leathery scent with a resinous and oriental touch.

Review of Kredo

Kredo by Nishane, released in 2022, is an alluring unisex fragrance that has a certain appeal to men, particularly of the older demographic. This scent uniquely blends spicy, woody, and leathery notes in a symphony that is rich, warm, and undeniably mature.

The perfume opens with a noticeable wave of cardamom and pink pepper, creating an immediate impression of boldness and a hint of the exotic. As the scent evolves, it reveals an osmanthus absolute heart, adding a touch of unexpected softness to the overall composition. However, the true star of this fragrance is the base, where the suede, oud, and sandalwood intermingle to form a sensual and luxurious finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Ideally suited for fall and winter, Kredo by Nishane offers an enveloping warmth that seems to thrive in colder seasons. It's a fragrance that feels more appropriate for the evening, making it perfect for a night out or a casual leisure day. However, it's also versatile enough to be worn during the day, albeit with some restraint.

In terms of longevity, this perfume does quite well, staying noticeable for a good amount of time. However, the sillage is moderate, making it a more personal scent rather than something that announces your arrival.

While Kredo by Nishane offers a lot to love, it might not be for everyone. Its relatively pricey value and the noticeable dominance of the spicy and woody notes might not appeal to those who prefer lighter, more floral fragrances. Still, for those seeking a deep, mature scent with a distinct personality, Kredo by Nishane is worth exploring.

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