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Mana by Nishane

Mana by Nishane
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Brand: Nishane

What Does Mana Smell Like

Mana by Nishane starts off on a robust, peppery note, tinged with the sharp freshness of geranium and the exotic undertones of saffron and cardamom. This initial spiciness is quickly overlaid by the soft, velvety scent of Turkish rose. The rose is accompanied by the raw, animalistic notes of oud and suede, lending an earthy depth to the blend. Castoreum adds a subliminal hint of wildness that subtly enriches the overall fragrance.

As these notes settle, the scent evolves further into a rich tapestry of tantalizing base notes. The smoky, resinous scent of frankincense lends a spiritual undertone to the blend, complemented by the sweet, balsamic influence of labdanum. The suggestive undertone of musk adds an intimate feel to the perfume, mellowed by the creamy texture and deep warmth of sandalwood. A soft hint of benzoin adds a touch of vanilla-like sweetness, while the woody nuances of gaiac wood, moss and patchouli infuse the perfume with a natural, forest-like essence.

Throughout its evolution, Mana by Nishane maintains a leathery core, melding the spicy, oriental and woody notes into an arresting fragrance that is as intriguing as it is appealing.

Review of Mana

Mana by Nishane, launched in 2022, is unmistakably a perfume that makes a statement. It's a scent that leans more towards the masculine end of unisex, and it reveals an array of rich, bold, and deep notes. The perfume's strength is most noticeable during colder months and is ideal for winter and fall.

Upon first spritz, you're introduced to a robust blend of geranium, saffron, and black pepper. This combination offers a spicy and leathery opening that's intriguing but not overwhelming. As the scent progresses, the heart reveals an oriental composition of Turkish rose, oud, and suede, adding a complex layer to the scent.

Mana's staying power is impressive. It lasts throughout the day and into the evening, making it a perfect choice for a night out or an evening event. The sillage is equally noteworthy; a single spray fills a room, making its presence known without being overpowering.

However, despite its impressive performance, the value aspect of Mana might be a sticking point for some. It's relatively pricey, which might deter those on a budget. Moreover, its heavy leather and spice tones might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially those who prefer lighter, more floral scents.

To sum it up, Mana by Nishane is a daring fragrance that doesn't shy away from making an impression. It's a robust blend of leather, spice, and oriental notes that lasts for an impressive length of time. It's perfect for those who aren't afraid to stand out and make a statement, and who appreciate complex, bold scents. However, its high price point and intense aroma might not be suited to everyone's taste or budget.

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