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Nanshe by Nishane

Nanshe by Nishane
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Brand: Nishane

What Does Nanshe Smell Like

Nanshe by Nishane opens with a distinct, earthy aroma, courtesy of the carrot seed, underscored by the tangy sweetness of yuzu. The freshness of bergamot and a hint of warmth from the cardamom subtly pepper the introduction, setting the stage for the floral heart notes to bloom. As the initial curtain of earthiness lifts, a bouquet of floral notes unfurls, lead by the aromatic rose absolute. This is paired with the slightly exotic scent of jasmine sambac absolute and the tropical notes of ylang-ylang. The scent of watery fruits and aquatic flowers adds a subtle aquatic and fruity touch to the floral heart, creating an intriguing interplay of notes. As the scent settles, the base notes emerge, with powdery notes reigning supreme, interlaced with the slight sweet woody scent of sandalwood and the green, earthy whiffs of patchouli. Iris lends a soft, slightly sweet floral aroma to the mix, while musk adds a touch of sensuality without overpowering. The overall aroma is a slightly powdery, floral scent with a spicy, woody undertone, with each note working in harmony without one overwhelming the other.

Review of Nanshe

Nanshe by Nishane, a sophisticated fragrance released in 2020, offers a unique blend of powdery, floral, and woody scents, demonstrating a versatile appeal to both men and women. However, it seems to resonate more with the mature woman who appreciates a perfume that is both timeless and contemporary.

The fragrance opens with a distinct powdery aroma, subtly complemented by a floral undertone that adds a layer of soft femininity. This is further intensified by the woody base, adding depth and a hint of mystery to the scent. The spicy and creamy nuances are subtle yet noticeable, adding warmth and richness to the overall composition.

Although Nanshe is a versatile perfume that can be worn all year round, it seems to truly shine during the cooler months of fall and spring. Its soothing and warm qualities make it a lovely companion for a leisurely stroll in the park or a casual day out. However, its muted sweetness and woody undertones can make it less appealing for summer months.

The longevity of Nanshe is fairly impressive; it lingers on the skin for a good part of the day, making it a reliable choice for those who don't favor frequent reapplications. Its sillage is moderate, neither too overpowering nor too faint, striking a comfortable middle ground.

While the fragrance has a substantial appeal, the value for money falls a bit short. Considering the price point, there are other options that offer a similar scent profile and longevity at a lesser cost. It's worth sampling Nanshe before committing to a full bottle.

In conclusion, Nanshe by Nishane is a mature, versatile fragrance that offers a delightful blend of powdery, floral, and woody scents. It's a solid choice for those who appreciate understated elegance and longevity in their perfumes. However, the value for money could be a potential deal-breaker for some.

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