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Tuberóza by Nishane

Tuberóza by Nishane
Concentration: Extrait de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014
Brand: Nishane

Key Notes of Tuberóza

What Does Tuberóza Smell Like

Upon the first sniff of Tuberóza by Nishane, you're greeted with top notes that blend the tropical, custard-like scent of ylang-ylang and the slightly bitter, herbal aroma of mugwort, intermingled with the citrusy freshness of orange and the airy, sweet fragrance of orange blossom. The perfume's heart leans heavily on tuberose, yielding a robust, intoxicating, and somewhat carnal floral scent, accentuated by the sweet, narcotic aroma of jasmine. The subtle presence of gardenia adds a creamy, velvety depth, while tagetes contribute an herbaceous-green touch to the floral bouquet. As the perfume settles, the base notes emerge with a slightly creamy, woody, and warm scent of sandalwood, layered with a soft, animalistic musk aroma. Undertones of amberwood lend a slightly balsamic, resinous texture to the fragrance, and the smoky, earthy whisper of vetiver adds an intriguing depth to the finish. The resulting composition of Tuberóza by Nishane is a floral and sweet, yet creamy and green fragrance with a hint of oriental warmth.

Review of Tuberóza

Lovers of floral fragrances will be delighted by Nishane's Tuberóza. Released in 2014, this Extrait de Parfum is thoughtfully designed to be unisex, though it seems to resonate more strongly with women. The focus on floral aspects, particularly the predominant tuberose, lends the perfume an alluring feminine charm that is hard to resist.

The perfume opens with a sweet and creamy blend, featuring ylang-ylang. Its sweetness isn't overpowering but just right, luring you into a verdant dreamscape that's mildly spiced and slightly powdery. The oriental undertones add a layer of richness, without making the perfume feel heavy or overwhelming.

Tuberóza is a perfume for all seasons, but its full charm is best experienced during the transitional periods of spring and fall. The warmth of the perfume works well with the mild temperatures, creating an inviting aura around the wearer. Despite the potency of the scent, it isn't loud or assertive. Instead, it maintains a gentle sillage that leaves a lasting impression.

Occasion-wise, Tuberóza shines during leisurely outings, night-outs, and evening events, accentuating the wearer's personality rather than overshadowing it. It's well-suited for everyday wear too, but may feel slightly out of place in strictly business settings.

Its longevity is impressive, lasting through the day without demanding frequent reapplications. However, like most perfumes, Tuberóza is not without its flaws. The perfume may feel too floral for some, and its value proposition could use some improvement. But if you're a fan of floral scents and prefer a perfume with an enduring presence, Tuberóza by Nishane is worth considering.

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