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Prodigieux - Le Parfum by Nuxe

Prodigieux - Le Parfum by Nuxe
Gender: Women
Release date: 2012
Brand: Nuxe

Key Notes of Prodigieux - Le Parfum

What Does Prodigieux - Le Parfum Smell Like

Prodigieux - Le Parfum by Nuxe presents a straightforward yet intricate aroma profile predominantly for women. The initial rush of scent is a fresh, floral wave of orange blossom, subtly underscored by the fruity whisper of mandarin orange. The light citrus sweetness of bergamot gently accentuates the other top notes at the beginning, leading to a quite intoxicating start.

The heart of the perfume unfolds with an almost tangible richness. The aroma of gardenia takes center stage here, with its smooth, creamy scent enveloping the senses. The lush and somewhat citrusy character of Magnolia gracefully complements the gardenia. The hint of rose brings a touch of classic romanticism to the mix, although it is subtly present and mostly drowned by the other more pronounced middle notes.

The base is where Prodigieux - Le Parfum truly comes alive. Here, an unexpected blend of mineral notes, coconut milk and vanilla brings depth and complexity to the fragrance. The mineral notes contribute an earthy, almost chalky tone that is surprisingly comforting. The creamy sweetness naturally emanating from coconut milk adds a touch of exotic warmth. Lastly, the hint of vanilla wraps the base notes together with a sweet, softly-spiced finish that lingers on the skin. Overall, Prodigieux - Le Parfum by Nuxe is a vibrant and evocative fragrance that captures a spectrum of sensory delights.

Review of Prodigieux - Le Parfum

Prodigieux - Le Parfum by Nuxe is a scent that speaks to the modern woman. Its primary allure lies in the floral bouquet that hits the nose upon the first whiff, gently blending into a creamy middle note that adds a touch of warmth and comfort. The perfume then finishes off with a powdery undertone, a hint of sweet, and a touch of spice, adding a dash of mystery to this olfactory experience.

It's a perfume designed for the warmer seasons, making it a great choice for those casual summer outings or spring afternoons. But it doesn't stop there - it transitions well into the chillier seasons, making it a versatile addition to your perfume collection. Despite its slightly heavier projection, it's not overwhelming, making it suitable for daytime wear, whether for work or leisure.

Overall, Prodigieux - Le Parfum offers a scent journey that's floral, creamy, and subtly spiced, making it an interesting choice for those seeking a scent that's familiar yet slightly off the beaten path.

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