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06 Amanu by Odin New York

06 Amanu by Odin New York
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2011
Perfumer: Kevin Verspoor

What Does 06 Amanu Smell Like

Odin New York's 06 Amanu starts off with a clear presence of green galbanum, creating an initial earthy and pungent scent that is met with a mild, pine-like aroma from the mastic. This initial hit is softened by a faint but zesty hint of blood orange, adding a citrusy touch to the overall fresh introduction. As the top notes begin to recede, a floral wave of jasmine sambac takes over, lending a subtly sweet, exotic scent, alongside the subtly herbal fragrance of cedar leaf. The faint floral touch of magnolia can be barely perceived, adding an elusive layer of complexity. As the perfume evolves, it reaches a final stage where the woody nuance of amberwood becomes evident, accompanied by a rich, damp scent from the moss that gives a rustic touch. The musk integrates into the base, providing an animalistic warmth to round off the scent. Overall, Odin New York's 06 Amanu is a journey from fresh and earthy greens to floral sweetness, finally settling into a resonant woody and musky finish.

Review of 06 Amanu

Odin New York's 06 Amanu is a scent that truly embodies a sense of adventure and discovery, designed for both men and women with a leaning towards a masculine audience. This fragrance offers an arresting blend of green and fresh notes, with a subtle hint of spice and wood. The underlying resinous, citrus, floral, and fruity elements add depth and intrigue, creating a multidimensional fragrance.

The scent is most noticeable in the spring, making it a perfect companion for those rejuvenating walks in the park, where the fresh air is filled with the aroma of blooming flowers. Yet, its versatility allows it to adapt well to the warmer days of summer and the crisp air of fall, providing an uplifting freshness throughout the year.

06 Amanu suits various occasions, from business meetings to casual outings. It's a fragrance that can easily transition from a hectic day at work to a relaxed evening out. However, the scent's sillage is modest, so it might not command attention in crowded night-out scenarios or during vigorous sports activities.

The longevity of 06 Amanu could use some improvement. For those accustomed to perfumes that last all day, this might come across as a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, it’s a charming fragrance for those who prefer to wear lighter, less overpowering scents.

In terms of value, 06 Amanu is a solid choice for those seeking a unique, versatile fragrance that strays from the typical. It offers something different, a breath of fresh air in the world of unisex perfumes. But remember, like any other perfume, this fragrance is a very personal choice, and its appeal can vary greatly depending on individual preferences.

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