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08 Seylon by Odin New York

08 Seylon by Odin New York
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2012
Perfumer: Philippe Romano

What Does 08 Seylon Smell Like

Odin New York's 08 Seylon opens with a distinct and bold zest, thanks to the bitter orange note. This citrus tang is subtly softened by an undercurrent of bergamot, while a hint of yuzu adds an intriguing, subtly sweet layer. As the top notes begin to subside, the middle notes ascend, revealing a prominent note of nutmeg with its warm, spicy, and slightly sweet character. This is cleverly paired with the dry, herbal quality of vermouth, while the elemi resin weaves in a resinous and slightly lemony touch.

As the scent continues to evolve, the base notes establish themselves, grounding the composition. Vetiver is especially pronounced, providing a deep, grassy, and smoky olfaction that makes the perfume earthy and woody. This grounding accord is complemented by the richly sweet and slightly medicinal character of benzoin, which also imparts a hint of vanilla-like warmth. The oakmoss finally delivers a touch of green, mossy, and slightly earthy aroma, lending the perfume a mature and classic finish. Thus, this scent is a complex journey through vibrant citrus, warm spices, and a rich, earthy base.

Review of 08 Seylon

Odin New York's 08 Seylon is a perfume that truly embodies the charm of the unexpected. Released in 2012, this unisex fragrance has often been favored by a slightly more mature crowd, although it has something to offer for each age group.

The first spritz of 08 Seylon enchants with a bright blend of bitter orange and bergamot, a symphony of citrus that is both refreshing yet warming. The scent then slowly unfolds, revealing a rich heart of nutmeg and vermouth that offers an exotic, spicy touch. This middle note adds a hint of adventure, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a bit of complexity in their fragrance.

As it settles, the smoky and earthy nuances become more prominent. The vetiver base note gives it a grounding, woody undertone, while the benzoin adds a hint of sweetness, creating a well-rounded scent profile. This dynamic mixture of aromas ensures that 08 Seylon is neither too assertive nor too subtle, but instead, it finds a comfortable middle ground that's hard to resist.

Despite its many strengths, 08 Seylon falls a bit short in terms of longevity. The scent might not last all day, which could require a reapplication for some users. However, its versatile scent profile makes it suitable for a variety of settings, from leisure to business, daily wear to evening events.

In conclusion, 08 Seylon by Odin New York is a perfume that intrigues with its citrus-spicy opening, captivates with its exotic heart, and comforts with its woody base. It's a fragrance that invites you in, keeps you guessing, and stays with you, even after it's faded away.

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