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11 Semma by Odin New York

11 Semma by Odin New York
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Perfumer: Philippe Romano

Key Notes of 11 Semma

What Does 11 Semma Smell Like

11 Semma by Odin New York opens with a distinct spiciness, thanks to the pronounced hit of chili that is immediately noticeable upon the first sniff. It's a warm and pungent scent, dancing on the border of being fiery. This is swiftly mellowed by a rich, almost medicinal tone of myrrh which adds a touch of opulence and depth to the initial spice.

As the perfume evolves, the middle notes of clove become more evident. The clove has an intriguing, spicy-sweet aroma, evoking images of autumnal baking and warm, cozy nights. Unfortunately, the cinnamon lacks any distinct presence, getting lost in the mix.

The base notes of this fragrance really anchor the spicy overtones. There's a clear aroma of sandalwood that imparts a classic, woodsy scent, complementing the earlier spices. The subtle hint of tobacco lends a certain smokiness, giving the scent an added layer of intrigue. The tonka bean’s mild presence adds a faint undercurrent of sweetness to the overall fragrance, wrapping up the scent profile with an unexpected yet welcome twist.

Overall, 11 Semma by Odin New York is a predominantly spicy and woody fragrance with subtle sweet and smoky patches.

Review of 11 Semma

Odin New York's 11 Semma is a captivating blend that seems to defy the boundaries of traditional gender categorization, making it a great choice for both men and women. The perfume's character lies more on the masculine side, hinting at a mature and discerning audience.

The scent profile of 11 Semma is a wonderful marriage of spicy and woody notes, with a touch of sweetness and resinous undertones, making it a complex and engaging perfume. The prominent spicy chili and the smoky myrrh gives it a bold and seductive allure.

It's a fragrance that manifests its best traits during the chilly days of fall and winter, enveloping the wearer in a warm, inviting scent. Yet, it also holds its own in the spring, offering a dash of unexpected freshness. In summer, however, its potency might come off as too heavy, potentially overwhelming the senses.

This perfume leans more towards the evening and night out settings, perhaps not the best pick for daytime wear or business events. Its rich, deep tones make it a fitting companion for a relaxed leisure evening or a lively night out.

As for the longevity and sillage, they're decent but not outstanding. The scent, while lasting for a good duration, tends to stay close to the body, making it less noticeable in larger gatherings.

When it comes to value, the perfume sits at a higher price point. It's a worthy investment for those who appreciate its unique scent profile and don't mind splurging a bit on their fragrance collection.

In conclusion, 11 Semma by Odin New York is an intriguing unisex perfume. Its warm, spicy tones, and versatile nature make it a great choice.

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