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Still Life by Olfactive Studio

Still Life by Olfactive Studio
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2011

Key Notes of Still Life

What Does Still Life Smell Like

Still Life by Olfactive Studio is a unisex perfume with a striking blend of citrus, fresh, spicy, fruity, and green accords. The scent opens with a dominant and refreshing yuzu note that brings a zesty, tart aroma to the forefront. This is accompanied by a medley of pink, Sichuan, and black peppers, adding a warm, spicy essence with a touch of sharpness. The top notes are rounded out by the inclusion of elemi resin, contributing a slight balsamic tone.

As the perfume develops, the middle notes emerge with the green, earthy aroma of galbanum, which balances the initial zestiness from the citrus and spices. This is joined by the sweet, slightly licorice-like scent of star anise, lending additional depth to the fragrance's spicy character.

In the base notes, the warmth of ambrox and cedar creates a smooth, woody foundation, while a hint of rum adds a subtle boozy touch. The combination of these various elements results in a well-rounded and harmonious scent that is both captivating and versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions and preferences.

Review of Still Life

Still Life by Olfactive Studio, released in 2011, presents a unisex fragrance designed to cater to a diverse group of individuals. With its predominantly citrus and fresh notes, this perfume is an ideal choice for those who prefer light, uplifting scents. The subtle spicy, fruity, green, woody, and sweet undertones provide a well-rounded experience that sets it apart from other fragrances.

As a scent suited for both men and women, Still Life is notably popular among middle-aged individuals, making it a great choice for daily wear, leisure, and even business settings. The perfume's fresh and citrusy aroma is perfect for spring and summer, adding a revitalizing touch to one's aura during the warmer months. However, it can also be a reliable choice for fall, offering a fresh contrast to the season's cooler days.

While Still Life's longevity may not be its strongest suit, its moderate sillage ensures a more intimate and personal fragrance experience. This makes it suitable for those who prefer a more subtle scent, and it can be especially fitting for daytime use or sports activities.

When it comes to value, Still Life offers a decent option for those looking to invest in a versatile fragrance that can adapt to various occasions and seasons. Overall, Still Life by Olfactive Studio is a pleasant, well-rounded, and fresh choice for individuals seeking a citrusy and uplifting perfume that caters to both men and women.

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