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2. Nawab of Oudh Intensivo by Ormonde Jayne

2. Nawab of Oudh Intensivo by Ormonde Jayne
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Geza Schön

Key Notes of 2. Nawab of Oudh Intensivo

What Does 2. Nawab of Oudh Intensivo Smell Like

Nawab of Oudh Intensivo by Ormonde Jayne offers a unisex experience that balances between the lush and the rustic. Upon first encounter, the scent opens with a crisp and clean medley of green, driven by an undercurrent of cardamom spice. A touch of citrusy orange absolute and cheerful bergamot brings brightness, while the subtle addition of aldehydes adds an airy lift.

As the initial notes start to blend, a heart of floral and spicy tones emerges. The fragrance finds its romantic center with a strong presence of rose, delicately harmonized with the exotic and spicy touch of pimento and cinnamon. Subtle hints of refreshing laurel, blooming orchid, and sweet magnolia add an enticing depth, while hedione imparts a light, jasmine-like aroma.

In the base, Nawab of Oudh Intensivo reveals its woody and oriental character. The earthy notes of vetiver and musk ground the scent, while a touch of oud adds an enticing depth. The warmth of ambergris and labdanum concludes this olfactory journey, leaving a lingering, sensual afterglow that's as comforting as it is intriguing.

In short, Nawab of Oudh Intensivo is a sensory exploration, a scent that balances green freshness, floral romance, and oriental warmth in a compelling symphony of notes.

Review of 2. Nawab of Oudh Intensivo

Ormonde Jayne's Nawab of Oudh Intensivo is a richly layered, unisex fragrance that envelops the senses, casting a spell with its harmonious blend of scents. Its predominant notes are floral and spicy, which meld effortlessly with undertones of green and woodiness, resulting in a complex but balanced perfume.

Despite the powerful scent profile, Nawab of Oudh Intensivo isn't overwhelming. The resinous base adds a hint of sweetness that tempers the stronger floral and spicy notes, making it a perfume that feels at home in any setting. This balance is further accentuated by the citrus and fresh notes, which give it a lift, ensuring it doesn't become too heavy.

It stands out as an ideal fragrance for fall and spring, but don't let that limit you. Its versatility makes it a fine choice for both daily wear and special occasions. It also offers impressive longevity, ensuring you'll be caught in its spell for hours.

In short, Nawab of Oudh Intensivo is a well-rounded fragrance, offering a mesmerizing blend of scents that's sure to impress.

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