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1 Million Elixir by Paco Rabanne

1 Million Elixir by Paco Rabanne
Gender: Men
Release date: 2022

Key Notes of 1 Million Elixir

What Does 1 Million Elixir Smell Like

1 Million Elixir by Paco Rabanne welcomes you with a striking scent of davana – a crisp and slightly fruity note that brings to mind the aroma of stewed apples. The apple note, in comparison, is subtly present, lending a gentle sweetness that teases your senses rather than overpowering them.

The heart of the fragrance reveals a prominent tonka bean note, offering a sweet, warm, and slightly spicy scent. This is paired gracefully with Turkish rose, whose mild, lush, and somewhat spicy scent adds a touch of romance. The osmanthus note is more elusive, supplying a faint hint of apricot-like fruitiness and floral sweetness.

In the base, One Million Elixir closes with a repetition of the davana note, now coupled with a generous hint of vanilla. The vanilla note presents a familiar, comforting, and subtly sweet aroma, while cedarwood note introduces a sense of grounding with its dry, woody, and slightly sweet scent. Patchouli rounds everything off with its earthy, dark, and slightly sweet note, providing a comfortable close to the fragrance journey of 1 Million Elixir.

Review of 1 Million Elixir

1 Million Elixir from Paco Rabanne captures the spirit of the modern man with its inviting and lively blend. The fragrance itself leans towards the sweeter side, offering a symphony of fruity notes. The prominence of davana and apple gives it a playful yet refined personality. It is not too overwhelming, but it has a presence that is hard to overlook.

Its strength lies in its staying power. It's a scent that sticks with you, confidently escorting you through the day and well into the evening. Whether you're heading out for a night on the town or winding down with a casual, leisurely evening, the 1 Million Elixir is a fitting companion. It's less suited for the office but could make a daring statement in a professional setting if worn sparingly.

Although the fragrance is designed for men, its sweet and fruity profile may also appeal to women. It's a bit less fitting for older wearers, perhaps due to its energetic and youthful character. However, personal taste always prevails over age brackets.

In terms of seasonality, its sweet and spicy elements make it ideal for cooler days of fall and winter. It could work in the spring, but may feel a bit heavy during the heat of summer.

A notable shortcoming is its value for the price. While it excels in many areas, some may find it a bit steep given its partially synthetic profile. However, if you're drawn to sweeter, fruit-forward fragrances with a spicy kick, 1 Million Elixir might be a worthy splurge.

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