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Lady Million Privé by Paco Rabanne

Lady Million Privé by Paco Rabanne
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Anne Flipo

Key Notes of Lady Million Privé

What Does Lady Million Privé Smell Like

Opening with a distinct note of orange blossom, the Lady Million Privé by Paco Rabanne immediately introduces you to its sweet, floral character. The first whiff also reveals the subtle depth of woody undertones that ground the otherwise floral fragrance.

As the initial notes gently fade, a heart of heliotrope emerges, lending the perfume an almost powdery, vanilla-like sweetness, mingling playfully with a light hint of raspberry. The blend of these middle notes adds a delightful fruity layer to the overall scent profile.

Gradually transitioning to its final act, the fragrance unveils a deep and rich base dominated by the unmistakable aroma of cocoa bean. This strong cocoa note adds a hint of delicious indulgence to the perfume, making it feel warm and sweet, without being overly heavy or cloying. Complementing the cocoa bean's sweetness is the slight floral undertone of honey, creating an almost velvety impression that lingers on your skin. Slightly earthy patchouli subtly underpins these sweeter notes, ensuring the base remains grounded and not excessively sweet.

The result is a potent and yet elegantly rounded perfume that is sweet, floral and subtly woody, rounded off by a deep and warm cocoa-infused base.

Review of Lady Million Privé

Paco Rabanne's Lady Million Privé is a perfume that makes a distinctive statement, perfectly suited for the woman who's not afraid to express herself. Released in 2016, it continues the legacy of the Lady Million line with an added twist of drama and intensity.

The perfume opens with a sweet, bright burst of orange blossom, giving way to a heart that is both flirtatiously fruity and tantalizingly floral. However, the true personality of the perfume lies in its base. The robust cocoa and honey lend it a warm, inviting, and slightly gourmand feel, evoking a sense of decadence and indulgence.

The scent is most noticeable during the cooler months of fall and winter, making it an excellent choice for those who seek a bit of warmth and comfort in their perfume during these seasons. It is particularly well-suited for evening wear and nights out, adding a hint of sensuality to the aura of the wearer.

Despite its strong personality, Lady Million Privé retains a sense of versatility. It can seamlessly transition from a leisurely day scent to a more potent night perfume when required. However, the somewhat synthetic feel may not appeal to all, and the scent may come across as overpowering to some.

In terms of longevity and sillage, this perfume does a fair job. It's not the most enduring scent out there, but it stays around for a respectable amount of time. The scent trail is noticeable without being overwhelming.

In conclusion, Lady Million Privé is a provocative, warm, and inviting perfume with a bit of a wild side. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who appreciate strong, distinctive scents, it's worth considering.

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